5 Real-Life Lessons You Can Learn From Squid Game

Squid Game lessons

Have you ever thought that a TV show can change your life? A TV show can let you know the main principles of life and enable you to expand your experiences, Squid Game can make you learn many lessons.

There are very few of them which help a human being to implement such elements in real life and among a few, there’s a TV show that changed the perception.

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Squid Game is the number one show on Netflix and trending all over the world. it’s a show which allows the people to think about their life and learn some real-life lessons that will change your life.

No doubt, Squid Game is one of the most brutal and violent TV shows. But it all happened because they chose that part to earn something and to survive.

5 Lessons You Can Learn From Squid Game

Squid Game is one of the shows from which you can learn some real lessons that will help you in life. So, without further a due let’s start the game.

The Choices You Make Today, Will Affect Future

We all have heard about the choices we make affect the future and help us out in creating a better or worst life. A character in the show Gi-Hun is the perfect example, as he showed a lot of imperfections, if you have seen the show then you must know the rusk of it.

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His past choices followed him and bite him which cost him a lot. In real life, everyone should select the right choice for their betterment because you need to think about the future.

Appearance Is The Key

Most of the time people judge others by their looks and attire. In the TV Show, Gi-hun’s childhood friend also signed up for the game and it was shocking for him.

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Because he was a rich businessman and the way he carried himself doesn’t look like he needs to enter this game.

But the reality was different, under the skin of Sang-Woo’s clean clothes he’s buried with lots of debts. That’s what our young generation nowadays doing whenever they scroll down social media, looking at happy couples and friends enjoying their life. Behind their happiness, there’s something dark happening, but they won’t show.

So, don’t ever judge anyone with their appearance, because a lot is going on behind their happiness.

Gambling Cannot Make You Rich

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Gambling is one of the worst habits that anyone can build in themselves. Once you enter the world of gambling then there’s another route you choose which is a debt one. Just like what happened with Gi-hun where gambling was his evil friend that stuck to him.

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Gambling is the shortest way to become rich, but the riskiest and unluckiest one too. No one should indulge in gambling no matter what happens.

Don’t Trust Everyone

Trust is the element in our life that sticks with us throughout life. Because without trusting anyone you cannot move on. But it’s also a bad thing to have in your life as well. You might have heard; betrayal comes from the people you trust the most and it happens in reality too.

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In the Squid game, Gi-Hun trusted blindly Sang-Woo because he was his childhood neighbor and Gi-Hun thought it would be great to play with him. But Sang-Woo has his plans and in one situation he deliberately put Gi-Hun in the worst situation.

In real life too people trust a lot and then those people whom they put enough trust in don’t even when it comes to betraying. Trusting someone is a very important element and that requires too much thought.

Money Doesn’t Guarantee Happiness

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No doubt, money is the most important thing in life for every single person out there living. Because people are working hard to earn money to give a better life to their family.

And it’s the great motivator as well that everyone has seen in the TV Show. All 456 players fighting and playing the game for money knowing the fact that it will put their lives in danger.

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Money can buy you expensive clothes but there’s no guarantee that it will buy you happiness.

In real-life look at the rich people who got everything, but still, they are worried about the life, business even though knowing they have earned more than enough still can’t be happy.

There’s a reason behind Squid Game standing tall on Netflix because it doesn’t only give us entertainment, but also lets us know the reality of life.

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