5 Problems Every Pakistani Makeup-Holic Faces Almost Every Single Day!

5 Problems Every Pakistani Makeup-Holic Faces Almost Every Single Day!

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Pakistanis get obsessed with things quickly, and the women of our country are forces to be reckoned with when they try to master any art. Makeup and Pakistani women go together like ketchup and fries. However, there is a set of troubles that every Pakistani make-up-holic goes through in their lives.

After watching the perfect kohl eyes of Anushka Sharma in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, all I want is to be like her!!!


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As I grab my Kajal and mascara to start working on my eyes, the taunting session of mom’s best friend begin! “Beta larkiyan itna tayar nae hoteen. Ab meri Salma ko he dekhlo, majaal hai ke aaj tak makeup kiya ho. Behen isko parde ka kaho.” And I listened to her lecture patiently!

But, it is a reality that desi moms and aunties never miss the chance to criticize you for wearing makeup! Here is the list of the most common problems we all have to face.



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Let’s just say bye to them. If you have a beauty collection, there’s no way desi moms would allow dark lip colors at least not before shaadi and now you’re having second thoughts on marrying Akram just to go public with your red vamp lips!



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Well, we know the quest of stepping in Sephora spending all of our gulak savings and then coming out with a beauty blender only. and now the only way you’ve got is to call your khala in Canada and ask shamelessly for a few drugstore products.



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Wearing three layers of makeup and going out in Karachi’s weather, like Astaghfaar and the on point contour is melting up till your chin *cries in Sindhi*. Then there are people asking about your highlight and it’s not Anastasia, it’s actually Sweat-stasia (bad pun) bursting out of your skin pores.



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Growing up brown, you’re surrounded with aunties judging your whole existence. Like hell yeah! I like my eyeliner long enough to meet my hair line, wallahi! your son got slain by this strong contour, yeah I wear the fake lashes long enough to flap your bakwas away. My highlight shines brighter than your daughter’s future.

But you can’t really use these comebacks so you just sit there and smile awkwardly while your anxieties get hit!!!



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Well, it’s not just a Pakistani or desi issue, it’s something almost all Muslimahs goes through. When you’re done with your on point makeup and hear Adhan, you just sit there and recall your farting history. It’s the moment when you choose between your lit makeup or the very lit (in reality) Jahanum. Damn you Shaitan!

So girls, if you want to tackle these issues, keep up with your makeup shenanigans and stay classy! These ‘aunties’ can’t put us down with their traditional taunting sessions!

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