You Need To Know About These 5 Pakistani Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Killing It!

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This is dedicated to the sheer volume of budding she-business tycoons who’ve outdone themselves to wash off the desi taboos. Amongst the shackled women and male domination, there are strong ladies have gone beyond kitchen jobs and emerged as brilliant entrepreneurs.

These ladies have not broken stereotypes, but have are every day prove they are no less than anyone out there. Giving hope to many, here’s the list of 5 Pakistani female entrepreneurs you need to know about.

1. Nadia Patel Ganjee – CEO at Sheops


Source: The Nest i/o

Sheops is a platform by women and for women.  A legit social media group on Facebook which opened doors for housewives and creative minds to earn and cash their skills started off pretty casually and is now doing a lot for women solely.

Nadia Patel Ganjee is the gravity that has pulled down some serious number of business women and pushed them into the market. The CEO is a selfless, devoted woman, who’s supervising more than 30,000 buyers and sellers under Sheops’ banner.

The intellectual mind came up with her very own designer footwear. So, what makes her work different? The trendy footwear is not only comfortable but customized as well.

2. Amna Babar – CEO at Cocoon by Amna Babar


Source: Facebook

Each unique design has a catchy name with a distinct color combination. Amna Babar definitely knows how to make dollars out of cents. Atta-girl!

3. Sidra Faisal – CEO at Beauty World


Source: Facebook

Entered the beauty business when it’s on the boom, Sidra Faisal has hypnotized the female market by introducing gorgeous pressed glitters.

Building it all up from a scratch, her magical eyewear has gained an enormous fan following in a short time period. Sidra makes this dazzling work of glittery art herself. All the makeup obsession ends on her Harlequin’s palette.

The creative CEO has now introduced some new cosmetic products as well but her extremely saturated eye-glitters always makes the strongest statements.

4. Areej Jiwani- CEO at Scoop-O-Scrub 


Source: Facebook

I won’t even put this as ‘strictly for ladies‘.

Areej is the youngest of the mentioned entrepreneurs. The girl’s handmade fruit scrubs are heavenly. From face to foot, her lip scrubs taste like strawberries and are totally lickable.

P.S: The scrubs are available in different flavors.Using social media and sensible marketing to advertise her magic, Areej has gained a solid customer base.

5. Shanza – CEO at The Hot Box 


Source: Facebook

You don’t even get a single burger for three hundred and this dedicated woman here is providing a three-course meal for that sum of money.

From cheesy lasagnas to hot fish burgers, each day has its own special main course, sideline, and a sweet dish.

These ladies have made their name by not doing extremely extraordinary, but by proving how exceptionally dedicated and creative they. More power to you, ladies!

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