5 Pakistani Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

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Are you bored? or had a rough day? You came to the right place. Here are 10 Pakistani You can stalk on Instagram and follow their posts. They are worth it.

Hira Tareen


She is the wife of Pakistani Actor/Model/Vj Ali Safina. From her workout videos to her beautiful shoots her Instagram is filled with some amazing posts. You can follow her Here. www.instagram.com/htareen

Hira Mani


Hira Mani is a Pakistani Actress/Model/Host. Her account is filled with her beautiful pictures and videos of her singing. And My God, that girl gives Momina a run for her money, If you don’t believe us go check her account and listen to her cover of Afreen Afreen. You can follow her here www.instagram.com/hiramaniofficial

Wrapped In Pink


If you are a shopaholic, you need to follow this Fashion Blogger. Her profile is filled with amazing models and dresses. You can follow her here www.instagram.com/wrappedinpinkk_

Muhammad Ahmad Yousafzai


This guy gives Tom Cruise a run for his money. His Greek God Looks will surely make your day. From his abs to his singing, His pictures will make you drool. You can follow him here  www.instagram.com/moyozai

Danyal Zafar


He is Ali Zafar’s brother. Do we have to give you another reason to follow him? His account is filled with his pictures with Ali Zafar and his shirtless pictures.

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