5 Lessons We Can Learn From Qandeel Baloch’s Tragedy

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Everything in this world has its own way, which includes how you die and how long will you live. Other things have special equations for them to work in this world and for us to see them clearly. For example, to paint, we have to form an image in our mind. To write a speech, we have to write words on a page and to learn from something, we have to make a mistake in our life but it shouldn’t necessarily be our life, it can be another other’s life we can learn from for example Qandeel Baloch (forgive me, Dear Reader if you feel like I’m talking to you like you are a four year old and you also feel like I’m teaching you that the cartoons are not real but please, don’t be offended and carry on). Follow me and we’ll breeze through 5 things we have learned from Qandeel Baloch’s life (tragedy) so put your seatbelts on……

We all will die one day

However materialistic we become in this world, however famous, rich, beautiful we become in this world, we will go in the same soil of Allah and be on the same position as the poorest man of the world.

Become and Ideal not Controversial

There is this saying that your actions define you so don’t let your actions reach a point where people judge you in the wrong way, take your actions to a whole new level which isn’t as controversial as whether McDonalds uses dog meat or not.

Respect others always

Whatever you do or speak shouldn’t affect your loved ones because you don’t want them to wake-up to bad news which makes them want to pummel you to gravy. Make sure to not bring disrespect to either them or yourself.

Go for the right ways for becoming popular

There are always ways to make yourself well known in  society but it doesn’t mean that all of them are as right and perfect as a happily ever after. Some of them can be wrong and can make people wary of you, so be sure to be the kind of role model they want you to be.

Make your Limits

Always have in mind that everything has its limit whether it’s acting or being famous. Don’t go past the limits that have already been drawn for others and yourself and if you do then it means two thing, you’re blind because you can’t see the line or you’re just plain stupid.

*Exhales* that was the longest article I ever wrote but as an ending note we must pray that Qandeel Baloch may be forgiven for sins in her grave. So dear reader, stay happy, do charity work, pay the milk man and keep reading these articles.

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