5 Hilariously Remarkable Similarities Between Life and a Snooker Game

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The most important thing which I have noticed is that people don’t know what they are doing with their own lives and sometimes they need someone to bring them to the right path. Same is the case with snooker, the person who is just watching the game, he/she can make the more better choice than the players. I have heard so many times in clubs that,” Oye! Baher beth ke mat bol”,” Muu band Rakh yar”, ” Chup reh na yar!”

It is all because the person who is observing the game or someone can give a better solution than that person who is playing the game of life (Snooker). Now, I would like to mention some of the commonalities between snooker and life in general.


Source: Eurosport

“Fluke” in this sense was originally a snooker term meaning “a lucky shot,”. As far as my opinion and my tiny experience are concerned, life is all about flukes. In our society, there are many examples through which we can notice that how luck takes someone to the higher ground. I mean, I am the rotten one of my family but presently, I am getting something good and saving as well.


Source: BBC News

Fouls are also there in the game and sometimes they are the reason for losing it. Similarly, we all have done many mistakes and we have lost many things in our life.


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Angles are also very important in the game of snooker, how to aim the ball, how to hit the ball, how to screw the ball for the right placement. In real life, you should also know that what to do or what not to do, how to do, and when to do.

Till the last moment:

The most interesting and attractive part of the game is that you have to think ball to ball. You have to manage the game from the beginning until the end. you need to see every ball, you have to place every ball, you should play safe, take every opportunity. Life wants all these things too. Life needs planning, it needs tracking, it needs protection and above all, life also wants that you should take every opportunity to secure it.

Black Ball Game:

Source: YouTube

It refers to the end of a frame when only the black remains and the player’s scores have less than seven points between them. The first pot or foul on the black then ends the game. Our life is also like that when the end comes, there is still a chance to win it by worshipping, Almighty Allah.

So, the conclusion is,                             

Life is just like a frame of snooker, you just have to place every ball and then pot it and most importantly, you should play safe at the same time.

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