7 Halal Things You Can Do This Ramadan!

7 Halal Things You Can Do This Ramadan!

Oye namaz me idhr udhr nae dekhte. Ye haram hai!

Tum ne ye prawn kyun kha liye? Ye haram hai!

Ami ye gana mt dekhen… Ye haram hai!

And more like that!

People these days are too much conscious about Halal and Haram, they love to take part in these type of debates as well whether it is on social media or in your family get together.

So, we enlisted some Halal kaam you can easily do with keeping fast. I take assurance of your fast dear!

Gazing to Food Items!


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Being a foodie is a fun and easy hobby to have, and Ramadan is the most favorite time for the foodies.  But! And there is a huge But!

They seriously can’t resist when see the yummilicious food at a glance. Keep patient foodie rozedars! Just watch and let out a sigh of despair

Keep Updating Facebook


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Seriously it is purely Halal, you can keep yourself attach to the Facebook all the time. Like, comment, share, tag, react to your friends’ posts, add location, add groups and so on! After Seheri, post about the activity of “Reciting Quran” and “Started Feeling Hungry” on your status bar, you would be feel better!

Reading Books


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Book reading is the most peaceful activity you can do while keeping fast and go with it fearless, because it is totally Halal kaam. Well not everybody enjoys reading but believe me there is nothing like a good book to take your mind of things and help you relax. Prefer Halal content not 50 Shades of Grey type novels! It will be risky then.

Putting on Makeup


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Looking beautiful is your basic right. After receiving invitation of Iftar Party from your besties, don’t feel hesitation in saying yes. Go and put on your makeup, but be careful from the Aunties who are scrutinizing you all the time. Don’t give them a chance to ask, ” Beta rung kitna kharab hogya hai tumara”. Don’t forget to put it out before Namaz!

BeFunky Collage

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Boys you can go for it as well, be careful about your grooming. After all you have to deliver the platter of Iftar to your sisters’ friend!

Taking Selfies

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Nothing is complete without selfies. No need to be shy when you’re taking a selfie, get, set and go! Relax if mother keeps shouting, “Tumhare dost kab jaenge?, “Bartan to utha le manhoos”, “Aag he lag jae is mobile ko” type aizazi kalamat for you.

Going for Hair Cut


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If you are tired of your previous haircut, go to the saloon and refresh it. No need to create panic with your friends over debates on “Halal and Haram”. And yes you can make the styles too!

Playing with Kids


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There is nothing that is more fun than spending time with the innocent sweet kids and playing with them. Children are a joy and the coolness of eyes. They keep teasing you with their innocent questions like “apne roza kahan rakha hai?”, “apka bhi chirya roza hai?”

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