5 Common Travelling Myths That Are Completely Wrong

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“Are you single?”, “You must be rich”, “Are your parents paying for your trips?”, “Don’t your parents say anything?”, “how do you manage your work?”, “you must have FREE TIME”

Talk… Talk… Talk…

Sound familiar… yes for the Travelers it is… It is said that there are two types of people in this world. One who are BORN or LOVE to explore new lands and the second ones are those who make up bogus traveling myths and try to shatter your traveling dreams. So, let’s just highlight those myths and break the stereotypes associated with travelers for many years.

1. Myth“Travelling is Expensive”

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Truth: Travelling is a matter of how clever a planner you are

The first and biggest myth about traveling is that it is only for rich people, which is totally WRONG. A person who has frequently traveled from one place to another doesn’t mean that he or she definitely owns foreign reserves. Here, I am not changing the fact that traveling is free, traveling is not FREE, but it is definitely not too expensive, the thing which is important to note is how smartly you can plan for your travels.

One of the best tips for traveling in a cheaper way is trying to budget everything off your trip. Look for cheaper options in terms of transportation, air tickets, hotels, meals etc. Even if you are planning on hiring a travel agency for your trips, first try to compare their fares and rates with others and then make your decision accordingly.


2. Myth“Women should never travel alone”

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Truth: It’s an incredibly productive and adventurous experience

Planning for a hiking trip but failed to convince the people to join you…? Now what will you do… Are you going to  “Cancel your Plan?” or “Go Alone”? I know many female travelers who will say yes they’ll go alone. Sounds “Scary…”

No, it is not, solo traveling is one of the most incredible experiences, as a female solo traveler you can get a feel of empowerment and liberty to do anything and everything you ever think of. Yes, it is scary to travel alone to a completely new place but never let your fear sabotage your dreams of traveling.

3. Myth“Quit your job to travel the World”

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Truth: Quit the time you waste and make the best out of it

Yes, it is a fact that you need time for traveling, but it doesn’t mean that you need to quit your job for traveling. You can utilize your weekends, work holidays or even national holidays and plan your trips accordingly. In case if you are planning a long vacation in abroad, you can use the option of freelancing. Besides this there are many countries that do offer work visas to tourist. In short, with this way, you can earn and have fun at the same time.

Take the example of Zenith Irfan, Pakistan solo female motorcyclist riding across Pakistan.

4. Myth“Travel before you get marriage”

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Truth: Travel for your life

There was a time when it was considered that traveling is for single people, but now many couples and families also opt for adventurous traveling options, which not only fulfill their lust for traveling but also strengthen the bond of their relationships, it is true that it need lots of planning as compared to solo traveling but if you travel with your family, it not only enhances family bonding, but also provides an opportunity for children to explore, adapt socially, and expand their horizon with the experience of new cultures, people, their values, their way of living and cuisines etc.

5. Myth: “Travel is an escape from reality”

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Truth: Travel is a path of self-discovery

A misconception among people regarding travelers is that they mostly travel to run away from their existence or their routines, which is completely absurd. In fact, traveling is an experience of self-discovery and spiritual transformation. It is a way to discover the world and the world inside you, but yes it is a form of escapism from anxiety and depression from your life.

Tips for Solo female Travelers:

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  •        When in Rome, do as the roman do: Talk, eat, act and dress like a Local.
  •    Arrive at your destination place before dark.
  •    Be aware and alert about your surroundings and their issues, values, and customs.
  •    Always be ready with an alternative plan.

Next time if you feel a sense of unhappiness around you, my suggestion is that you pack your bag, go out and explore new horizons of growth and self-discovery.

Happy Traveling…

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