Here’s Why These 5 Gorgeous Locations In Pakistan Have to Be Your Next Vacation Spots

Pakistanis bear testimony to the fact that our country is swamping of nature’s wonders. You may take into account all 4 provinces and each possesses a complete quotient of intrinsic beauty. Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, and KPK – Pakistan’s a minor reflection of what you call “heaven on earth”.

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However, most Pakistanis are quite unaware of how beautiful the country is. Not many get the chance to explore these strikingly beautiful locations, which is why we take comfort in having programs like National Ka Pakistan.

National Ka Pakistan is one program that has taught us more than our history books. We just had the 5th season where we uncovered different locations and what specifically upholds these locations is specifically in terms of attraction. Throughout the 5 seasons, we have explored food, art, culture, traditions, and music in a unique way. The latest season particularly tempted us to go out and visit some of these astounding locations. So, let’s uncover particularly those amazing locations you must definitely visit on your next vacation:

1. Balochistan – the mythical and mysterious land with a rich culture

Chef Saadat and Shuja Haider take us along the journey of exploring the wonderland that is Balochistan. We bet you won’t believe that a place like Chaman Border has so much to offer in terms of tourist attractions.

Chaman Border – you read that correct… Now if you would simply like to develop an idea about this place, follow the episode where we take on Balochistan:

2. Jhelum – yes, Jhelum

Safe to mention, Jhelum and Rawalpindi are two insanely underrated locations. One has to develop the right sense of adventure to embrace the life in these cities. You can expect the best of hospitality, a larger-than-life variety and flavor of food and a unique cultural potency that binds the whole of Punjab.

Explore mind-blowing facts about this particular location with National Ka Pakistan:

3. Taxila, Attock, and Chakwal

The ancient city of Taxila, the extravagant environment of Chakwal and of course, the Taxila fort – we have a lot here! 3 different cities having rich backgrounds… just imagine what you can experience here. Thinking to go? Here’s all you need to know before:

4. Kalam in Swat

The North of Pakistan is host to mind-boggling landscapes and draws a hefty number of tourists every year for all the right reasons. Just why this area remains a hot tourist spot, we take help of National Ka Pakistan‘s episode 6 of season 5.

We discover the daily life, the native people living in craggy and robust landscapes with nerve-wrecking climatic conditions hovering above them. Did you know there’s a unique selfie spot here? Find out here:

5. Sindh – because, alluring history and traditions going back thousands of years

The province of Sindh has an urban vibe. Its cutthroat climate may not be friendly to everyone but its rich culture, inspired by monumental history simply seduces all those who wish to see it. Catch everything that makes Sindh a place where you need to be on your vacation in the following video:

Who says you only have to travel abroad to have the perfect vacation? Our country has so much to offer and all credit’s due to a program like National Ka Pakistan that educates us and monumentally projects a positive image of our country out there.

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