Here Are 5 Best Things That Happened At Karachi Eat 2019!

Once again, Karachiites got the chance of becoming a part of one of Pakistan’s biggest food festivals, the Karachi Eat 2019!

As always, the food festival became an instant hit with the people of Karachi as people from all over the city started pouring in from day 1. Hundreds of thousands of foodies have stormed the festival and are having an exquisite time there.

The three days were crazy in terms of 5 things!  Here are the top 5 things people loved at Karachi Eat this year.

1. Play Area for Children

One of the most difficult parts of enjoying festivals for parents is that the children never settle. If the child gets bored, the parents don’t enjoy as well. However, the children’s play area kept the children occupied with several activities and games.

There was so much to do for both the parents and the children. While the kids play games, ask riddles, and receive gifts, parents enjoyed their favorite meals. It’s a win-win situation.

2. The clean and hygienic environment

The best part about Karachi Eat this time is that even though it looked like the whole city has come here, it has remained very clean and hygienic. The administration looks good upon entrance. Although the venue was located nearby the sea, visitors could not smell a thing! Why?

This wouldn’t have been possible without the floral fragrance of Ariel Downy in the air, which automatically reminds you of something very fresh and clean. Ariel Downy was using drones to sprinkle fresh aroma in the air so the visitors were not bothered by any smell such as trash, food or even the sea.

Now that’s a terrific idea! Literally, you could smell the freshness everywhere!

And that isn’t it! Ariel was also handing out free aroma-scented towels to the love visitors which obviously came extremely handy to visitors trying all that different range of food. Every time you try something new, the towels help gave a clean kick to your hands before you start munching again!

3. Great music and an electrifying atmosphere

Food and music together always go well, and the best of it is that it happened at Karachi Eat. There was great music all around which added to the festival atmosphere of the festival, instantly making you tap to the beat, while you eat!

Famous artists along with other entertainment acts will grace the audience, this was the place to be!

4. All the different food in the world

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Sweerotica This one was the crowd's favourite today. The beautiful presentation, brilliant sugar balance along with a combination of chewy brownie, crunchy frerro lick worthy icecream in in house, nutella lined dough cone is instant gratification at its finest. Kudos to the team for working under pressure with complete dedication. I'm so glad they're opening up at Bahadurabad. Wish them loads of success. Thank you And @allurebyaliasghar for having me over. #instagramhub #nutella #sygar #icecream #yum #foodfestival #tasting #foodlove #dessertporn #aesthetic #calories #weekend #sunday #delicious #karachifooddiaries #foodreview #prime #foodlover #foodgram #foodphotography #sugarrush #karachifoodbloggers #karachibloggers #foodblogger #karachifoodie #foodreviews #pakistanibloggers #karachieat #TSGBloggerAyesha #brownie

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Karachiites are known foodies in Pakistan and when they get their favorite dishes and desserts in the same place, the dream comes absolutely true every year! From burgers to fried food, from Khao-suey to a cake without dough, there’s so much variety.

Just as every year, new stalls and eateries that were promoting their work paved way for new customers as well. Where there’s new food, there are new faces!

5. Absolutely FREE gifts!

Free gifts and prizes always excite people and Karachi Eat had a lot of that. There were so many stalls that were handing out free gifts that it adds to the festive feeling.

We hope you didn’t miss this amazing festival. Did you?

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