New Moms: 5 Adorable Things You Suffer Through If You Have A Little One

New Moms: 5 Adorable Things You Suffer Through If You Have A Little One In Your Life

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Children, a blessing of Allah but at the same time, they are a humungous test for their parents. When you become a parent, there are certain things that are bound to happen with a little one in tow.

These small yet massive tornadoes of energy are a force to be reckoned with. In an instant, these children can be as innocent as a choozey ka bacha but still, they have the superpower to turn themselves into little devils in an instant.

I am sure all the parents will agree that when you have a child in his early childhood phase, it ranges from the infancy to the preschool years of a child’s life, there are some major things that you experience.

Let us take a look at the five most important things that our little one teaches us.

1. Sleep Is For The Weak

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You get used to of completing your sleep in the form of short naps. Forget the long blissful sleep you used to get before the kaka came into this world.

2. Mom Is About To Get Some Rest? Time To Blare My Alarms!

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Your child almost always overflows the pamper at exactly the same time when you sit down to have your meal. If it’s not that, then he converts himself into a crying monster without any apparent reason.

3. You Become A Single-Handed Superhero


You get used to doing almost everything with one hand when your baby doesn’t like naps. You can almost beat any handicapped person in Paralympics.

4. Few Moments Of Silence You Do Get Are Of Supreme Importance


You become a master of time management because you manage to do all your chores during the little naps your child takes during the day. Because when they are awake, they simply can’t stand to be neglected.

5. Puppy Dog Eyes Get Them Almost Anything You Own

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Last but not the least, you understand the power of the baby charisma with which they hold your heart. You understand how a little soul like that can turn you into a puddle of happiness, even after their disastrous “tabahi”  to your surroundings (e.g. your very own dresser), by only looking at you with those innocent eyes. “Mommy I want!” and their broken sentences.

But the truth is, regardless of all these and many other factors of being a parent, you still want to be a parent to that lovely little one and you can never ever trade off this messy parenthood for anything in this world.

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