A Girl in Class 4 Writes a Love Letter to a Guy and it is Totally Unacceptable!

In today’s time, the primary concern of every parent is to figure out ways in which they could keep their child busy. Turning this simple problem into a fuss, a majority end up putting up their child in front of the screen be it television or cell phone. For some apparent reason, nothing in today’s time could be better than a quiet child for any parent without ever being concerned about the content that their son/daughter is enjoying. Especially the romantic movies/dramas that eventually makes the innocent children feel that life works in similar ways for everyone. Recently, a similar issue was addressed by Ali Khan, who decided to take social media to discuss the serious issue.

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While pondering over the overlooked matter, Ali discussed how he came to witness this issue while he was conducting a session for grade 4. After digging deep into the matter he got to know how a girl in the class has fallen in love with a boy in grade 10 for whom she has also written a love letter. These happenings have always left everyone speechless, as no one till date could decipher who is more at fault is it the parents or the media.


Today, I was conducting a session in a school for grade 4. I saw 3 girls in aggressive mood. After inquiring, I got to…

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On one side, the parents, since a long period of time had been aware that half of the stuff being shown have hidden messages, double meaning dialogues, wrong actions and words that could affect the developing mind of a child. Considering media at fault makes us realize that no such action has ever been taken by PEMRA to keep an eye on what’s been shown on the kid’s channels, if it’s not suitable then there should always be a PG tag.

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Love has always been a captivating topic in every of our movie/drama, that gets people to stick to their screens in nanoseconds. Then, how can we expect our children to just go away and not imagine their fairytale world to be having all these incidents as well? Parents should be well aware that media has already played a big part in bounding your children to have crushes and relationship, eventually making them develop a strong feeling for their classmate or neighbor.

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Nonetheless, it had always been your responsibility to keep an eye on your children and make them understand that it’s not how life works but in a polite manner. As in the past, some cases got so worse that the children decided to commit suicide and called their love to be eternal. Your child is your responsibility. If you liked this article then like, share and comment down below to give us your feedback.

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