On Their 40th Anniversary Mcdonalds Plan To Take Us On A Nostalgic Trip!

McDonald’s has released classic toys to honor the 40th Anniversary of Happy Meal. We love how Happy Meals have throwback toys from the last four decades.

See this video to view the complete range from the ’80s to the present day:

Blast from the past!

It’s time to relive your childhood! We're bringing back 9 of your favourite toys to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Happy Meal! Available in stores from 15th November.*Till stock lasts

Gepostet von McDonald's am Donnerstag, 14. November 2019

This video took us back to our childhood days when happiness was all about getting a toy with a Happy meal.

The new generation would never know what these toys mean to us and we are absolutely in love with this blast from the past.

The toys are available at all restaurants across Pakistan from November 15 and we are buying Happy Meal to get our hands on our favorite iconic toys. We know Happy Meals are for children but rules are meant to be broken. What do you think?

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