4 Women Paraded Naked & Thrashed On Allegations Of Shoplifting In Faisalabad

women paraded allegations shoplifting

The world is growing towards literacy and advancement. But guess what? Pakistan is heading deep down under the mud of illiteracy. For what happened yesterday in the broad daylight, no one should witness such a scenario and showed that Pakistan is going way backward.

In Faisalabad, four women were beaten, stripped, and paraded through the Bazar over the false accusation. They were accused of shoplifting and the shop owner raged at them along with other men outside the shop.

Source: DAWN

They were screaming in mercy, one of them was a teenage girl who asked to let me have some clothes but she was beaten by a stick.

The horrific video went viral all over the internet, the way men were holding them and dragging them inside the shop.

Women in Faisalabad paraded on the street

Soon the incident took place, FIR has been registered and potential suspects have been taken in. Saddam, the owner of Usman Electric Store, and his employee, Faisal, Zaheer Anwar, and Faqeer Hussain, the owner of a sanitary products’ shop — and 10 unidentified suspects on behalf of one of the victims.

Source: Tribune

As per the FIR, the garbage picker girl said, “She went to Bawa Chak Market with three other women to collect garbage on Monday at around 10:30 am.”

She told the police that “they were thirsty and went inside a shop and asked for a bottle of water from the owner of the shop.

But the owner began shouting at them, accusing them of entering his shop to steal. The FIR said, adding that other suspects also reached the shop upon hearing him shouting.”

“They continued to beat us for around an hour and made our videos in naked condition,” the FIR quoted the complainant as saying.

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“The suspect’s committed gross injustice by stripping us, dragging us through the market, and torturing us and strict action should be taken against them.”

Nighat Dad’s reaction

NIghat Dad the human rights lawyer came forward and spoke up about the incident. She said, “The horrific incident and the impunity with which it was carried out was symptomatic of cracks within the country’s spotty law enforcement”.

Source: DAWN

She continued, “The state appears to wash its hands-free of responsibility by merely enacting and celebrating laws,” she said, adding that it was high time that the state actively intervenes and resolves the loopholes in the implementation of these laws.

“When the culprit knows that he can get off scot-free even after committing such heinous crimes, the crime rate will continue to soar.”

“The fact that these men film gruesome acts of violence and then go on to post them online speaks volumes about how not only the pervasive misogyny structures our very society but also about it has been tacitly nurtured.”

Even the journalists also took charged and raised their voices against such sick incidents. Journalist Iftikhar Firdous tweeted, “Women are stripped naked and beaten in Faisalabad for allegedly being involved in a robbery in the middle of the road. There is something seriously gone wrong in this country!”

Everyone remembers what happened in August when the Minar e Pakistan incident took place. People tore apart that girl’s dress.

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