4 ways to tell a girl you like her & 4 ways not to!

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Gentlemen congratulations, you have finally found the girl you have been searching for. I am happy to see you scrolling through the internet to find out ways to tell her you like her. Well, no need to worry because no matter how clueless you may be. After reading this article you will have the tools you need to woo your sexy Señorita

First and foremost, there is no need to be ashamed of liking someone and not knowing what to say. This is completely normal and almost every guy in your position faces this. You see her walking around with her perfect face and her beautiful smile. Your legs just freeze, your mind stops working and all you could say it HAPPI BARTHDAAYY!

You can use pick-up lines but let’s face it, they won’t work for you.

To ask that perfect girl to be yours it involves integrity, respect, and communication. You have to express your feelings and not fear them. Remember they are just feelings and it is flattering. So, throw away that fear and follow the following advice. Who knows maybe you’ll find your dream girl!

Do approach her with confidence

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This is the first thing that guys need to understand. Confidence is sexy. It is bold and says to everyone that “Hey! I am here”. So, before anything grab a bit of confidence and approach the girl you have been eyeing for weeks.

Here are some pointers to get you started

  1. The first pointer is to figure out the situation you guys are in. Is she with her friends, where are you guys and is the environment relaxed enough.
  2. Do the oldest trick in the book. Befriend her friends. Be warm, nice and friendly with her friends and watch them become your advocates. Because a girl will always go to her friends for advice when you tell her you like her.
  3. Go over to her and introduce yourself and say that her aura was too captivating and positive to ignore.

These are the basic pointers take these and input some of yours as well and make a super fantastic approach.

Don’t stare from a distance

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Staring is the worst thing you can do. This is extremely creepy and will make the girl you are trying to get with super uncomfortable. Remember first impressions are everything and you really don’t want to be labeled as the creepy guy.

So put on your confidence pants, put a smile on that handsome face and approach her with all the weapons drawn. P.S by weapons I mean ‘picking up skills’ so for the love of god don’t bring actual weapons.

Do compliment her

You have introduced yourself, you guys talk and have become friends. Borrowing her notes and texting throughout the day seems like second nature. You are in a very good place right now but, you want to be more than friends. So, start this mission by complimenting her. Compliment her style, her clothes, her earrings and most importantly her shoes.

Women love being complimented on their shoes and dresses. Here are a few ways you can compliment them in a subtle way.

  1. “Wow, nice shoes they look extremely good on you”
  2. “Nice dress, I love the color” (You can also compliment on the design)
  3. “You have an amazing dressing sense”
  4. “Those earrings look really good on you”

Make sure to say “Looks good on you” in some of your compliments. This will tell her that you find her pretty and attractive!

Don’t compliment her body

As much as you may think that it won’t matter, it does. In under no circumstance, you are supposed to compliment her body at the beginning of your friendship. It is different if she says gets demotivated and says that she is fat and you are just consoling. Then too you have to be vigilant and not sound creepy or say anything that is inappropriate.

Do tease her & flirt with her

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Teasing is the most obvious aspect of flirting. You probably already know this but teasing is one of the best ways to tell a girl that you like her. This builds trust and is the next level of communication. It displays a sense of humor, a deeper message behind your comments and it makes you seem more interesting.

Here are a few pointers.

  1. Say the opposite of what you mean. Meaning if she asks you how she looks, you can say. “You look devastating, (Pause) devastatingly beautiful.” This is light flirting with teasing.
  2. You can further your flirting, with hyping her up and exaggerating your comments. Such as, if she asks you if you like something she drew or is wearing. Instead of replying like this “I like it”, you can reply with. “I love it more than breathing.”

Be careful though dont come out too strong, take your time.

Don’t insult her in front of others or be creepy

Teasing her when you guys are alone is cute but, take out the alone factor and put in a few friends, it is a big no-no. She might feel insulted if you teased her playfully in front of her friends or yours. So be careful while around friends. You can hype her up when you are around friends, she might feel embarrassed but she secretly loves it.

Also, refrain from sexual innuendos. Remember what society we live in and double-meaning jokes and compliments are very inappropriate especially between friends of the opposite gender.

Do ask her input on things

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This one is pretty simple. Ask her opinion on things. Send her snaps of you when you go shopping and ask her what you should buy. You can also ask her for recommendations, such as books, restaurants, stores, and songs.

She will notice that you care for her opinion and this will really make her think that you might like her.

Don’t ignore her problems

Asking her input on things could take up a lot of her and your time, where all you do is talk about yourself. So, you have to keep in mind to talk about her. Talk about her day and how she is feeling. Be there for her and she will not only realize that you like but she might even start liking you back!

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