4 Ways Sexism Exists for Men In Our Society

Most people associate sexism with unfair treatment of women, which is not completely precise. Sexism refers to an unfair treatment of ANYONE because of their sex. May it be female, male or even the third gender, an unjust treatment is called sexism. However, our society doesn’t understand that even men don’t get the “privileges” they believe they do.

There is just no comparison – while reading this piece, do not compare men to woman and vice versa – just view this as some individual man going through some problem in his life due to the “imposed” conditions by the society.

Society keeps viewing men as offenders, as 95% of our daily 9 p.m. news  headlines show a certain man doing unjust with another person, and so on. However, we fail to realize that men are also affected by sexism as women – if not in the same degree of intensity.

To think that even generalizing each man as an offender is similar to generalizing a whole religion as a source of terrorism. Here are a few examples how this works:

1)      Extended Hours for Men – No Leave For Men if They Want It

Men are required to work for longer hours and provide more than the women counterparts.

Not that it seems to be a problem for many, but it is something which is not considered as “equal”. Point being, because there are very less working women in our society, they can enjoy the perks and leaves as well. But if a husband wants to go to a vacation with his family, he won’t be allowed to take an additional break.



2)      Men Are Not Machines Who ALWAYS have to Work

Society has made men and jobs a forced relationship, and so men are always expected to hold on to their jobs, even if it means sacrificing their passions and dreams. If he has a dream, he cannot follow it unless it doesn’t meet the “requirements” of the society – which is to support the family on your own.

Providing is seen as a job for men alone. We all should realize that in this age of tight economy and rising inflation, there is certainly nothing wrong in being a working woman, bringing food and resources to household alongside your man.

As soon as he is a graduate, he has to start with a job, even he wants to take a break for a while. If he takes a break for a while, he will be labeled as “useless”.

As a fresh graduate is not “allowed” to marry the girl he wants unless he earns enough to feed her wishes. He won’t be considered eligible for her, only because of the less pay he has, that too, due to our industries. Is it a fault of a man?

On the other hand, a lot of families reject the marriage proposal of a working woman as they considered it as “too modern”. The mind set needs to be changed. Why? We must not put a barrier in letting a woman earn something for herself. Moreover, whatever she brings to the home will be yours as well – think about the ease it may have on a man.

3)      If Men Defend Themselves, They Are Chauvinists

We have numerous examples in life where a man doing something against women is seen as symbol of sexism however, when women do the same against men it is called “women empowerment.” We need to find a midpoint between these chaotic extremes, and always strive to help each other for a positive outcome.

Sure, men are said to be the dominant type, but that doesn’t mean if he starts defending himself, he is a sexist. Right and wrong does exist.

4)      No Love for Men Because Only Weak Men Show Emotions

Ever heard the phrase “larki na bano”? Or maybe your friends have said, “yaar tu kyun bachiyo ki tarha ro raha hai?”

Indirectly telling a boy or a man to hide their emotions or else they will look like a girl is extremely wrong. Emotions are not only for women, instead they play a huge role in a human’s life. Therefore, telling a boy to stop being a girl is like telling him to become a plant or a rock.



The point is not to incite another gender war in the comments section. Rather it is to make realizations about what men go through, which is quite equivalent, if not equal, to what women go through in their own lives. Always respect one another and show kindness.

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