4 Things Every Pakistani In Saudi Arabia Must’ve Gone Through

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There are more than 1,500,000 Pakistani expatriates in Saudi Arabia which is more than the population of Bahrain. Here are a few things every Pakistani in Saudi Arabia must have gone through:

1) Going To Makkah/Madina:

Source: Native Pakistan

Many Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia, especially those in Jeddah take it for granted that they can travel to the holiest cities in Islam on a road trip.On returning home, many are asked how many times have they performed Umrah, and when they hear the answer they’ll make assumptions that you’re a religious mullah!

2) Price Of Oil & Tax:

Source: Daily Express

Even though the price of oil has increased dramatically over the past few months, it’s still quite cheap as compared to Pakistan. Back in the day (some gas stations still do) living in Saudi Arabia you never needed to buy tissue paper boxes as they were given freely by the gas station.

3) Time Of Prayers:

Source: Susie of Arabia

Local Markets(Baqala), Offices, Malls etc.Closing down at the time of prayers 5 times a day!It is a struggle sometimes but more than that it is something to be proud of. And the glorious view when you’re hearing the call to prayers and literally everyone is closing their shops to answer the prayers.

4) Pakistan Embassy Schools:

Source: Wikipedia

Majority of the Pakistani families living in Saudi Arabia send their children to the Pakistan International Schools governed by Pakistan. It’s these schools where you feel as if you’re truly in Pakistan!

These are few of the many things every Pakistani in Saudi Arabia must have experienced. Comment below if you have experienced the same.

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