4 Reasons Why You Should Not Sit Cross Legged No Matter How Sexy It Looks!

4 Reasons Why You Should Not Sit Cross Legged No Matter How Sexy It Looks!

Everyone once in a while crosses their legs, whether it’s in a doctor’s waiting room or your home lounge, we all do it, maybe because it looks sophisticated or just because you like the way it feels. Whatever the case maybe here are four medically proven reasons why you should no longer sit with your legs crossed.

1. It Causes Back And Neck Pain

Because we shift our weight around, lean to one side or sit in a cross-legged position, orthopedic physical therapists believe that this constant shift of weight can cause back and neck pain.

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2. Elevates Your Blood Pressure

The blood that gets to your legs has to be pumped back to your heart against gravity, that is already a tough enough task, however, when you cross one leg over the other, it increases resistance to the blood flow. Due to this, your body has to increase its pressure in order to push your blood back up to the heart.

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3. May Cause Spider Veins

Some doctors still believe that spider veins are just caused by old age, too much sun or genetics, however a few believe that the access pressure from crossing your legs can cause this phenomenon.


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4.  Damages The Nerves In Your Feet

Crossing your legs at the knee can cause extra pressure on your “Peroneal nerve”, the major nerve in your leg that passes right below your knee and along the outside of your leg. This can cause nerve damage over a long period of time.


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