4 Reasons Why Punjab Government Should Reconsider Some Of Its Decisions!

It’s almost as if the people running the government in Pakistan are living in their own little bubble. Where they don’t know the anguish and frustration poor people in the country go through on a daily basis. Here are a few examples of their ignorance…

1. Metro Bus Service

Source: TheNewsTribe

Source: TheNewsTribe

Rs 30 billion for a 27-kilometer long route in Lahore city

2. Theme Park and Aquarium In Lahore That Cost Rs 36 Billion

Theme Park will be completed in one and a half year


Source: https://blogs.tribune.com.pk/ & ilm.com.pk

3. PM Nawaz Sharif Stayed In The Most Expensive Hotel On His Official Visit To New York

Nawaz Sharif stayed in the grand Waldorf Astoria which cost about $16ooo Per Night! 


Source: www.hotels.com & blogs.tribune.com.pk

4. In A Country Which Is In Constant Debt, PM Wears A $4.6 million Watch


Source: kazeyez.wordpress.com

Our Politicians Truly Need A Reality Check And Should Start Working On Providing Necessities For The Working Class, Not Luxuries For The Obscenely Rich. Focus should be on spending the money on basis facilities such as shelter and education. What is the point in spending a fortune on infrastructure to facilitate middle class when majority in your country are deprived of basic necessities of life. Dear government, please get your priorities straight. The 36 billion rupee theme park won’t help them!



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