4 Handy Items To Gift Instead Of Those Magic Snow Crystal Pieces

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Put an end to useless gift trends and start buying your loved ones what they actually need! Ain’t nobody needs that glass decoration piece with a heart cushion on top, I swear! We all have a shelf occupied by useless decoration pieces that we have received at least once in our lifetime from someone very close. I mean, no offense to our traditional gift shops but “BHAE, you need to step up your game”.

Here are the four alternate use-full things you can buy for your friends instead of your trademarked friendship mugs.


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Nothing looks cooler than sunglasses on your face and a tote bag on your shoulder. This summer, do your friends a favor and add some spice in their life. Give them something that they can actually use.


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Even if your friend is a mufta, he will still cherish this considerate gift of yours. And on the other hand, what’s a better way to mark their own self-attained forced gareebi on them. Mini wallets can actually be a very cute gift for your female friends as well because let’s be honest, we like to keep it small.


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Stop nagging them for their time and buy them a watch! And tell them “tumhara waqt ab hamara hai” (top it with a wink to make your friend cringe).


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We all know the thing about common sense and scents, those who really need them don’t have them. Well, in your friend’s case even if you can’t do anything about the sense, at least contribute in making them smell good.

So, instead of wasting your time and money in buying useless gift items, gift something that people actually want to use. If you have something to add to this list, let us know.

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