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4 Exercises To Do At Home During Pregnancy! – The Guide To Safe Exercising In Pregnancy

pregnancy exercises at home

A pregnant woman goes through various bodily changes that she must get used to as the process continues for nine months. Many times, they feel bloated, swelled, ached, etc. it is a continuous cycle of pain throughout the day. However, this is also a blessed situation for the woman because giving birth is a laborious yet rewarding concept. Somehow, dealing with pregnancy through lying around or getting as much as rest as possible, is not all that true. It is necessary to perform exercises as well to warm your body by becoming active. It deals with a lot of hidden issues within a pregnant woman’s body and provides comfort. But not many women have the opportunity of visiting a gym or leave outdoors often in Pakistan. This is why they can always utilize their time to exercise through participating in pregnancy exercises at home.



Don’t Start Exercising Suddenly If You Haven’t Been Active Before Pregnancy:

The thing is, sticking to a particular exercise routine that your body is adjusted towards while committing to it regularly, helps the body regain posture and balance. Often, most of these exercises are simple with the intentions of improving the body’s balance (especially due to dizziness) that can disrupt because of the sudden changes within the body. Nevertheless, this is not the only reason. These exercises are proven to be effective in battling pregnancy symptoms, regaining health, relieving stress, and building stamina. If done in an impressive way, they can easily restore your health back to the normal days.

pregnancy exercises at home

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However, the key here is to not over-do it. If you have never been active before then the best option is to start with light exercises instead of opting for a routine that might end up as tricky. This includes avoiding strenuous exercises like heavy lifting. Moreover, weight lifting does tend to help with remaining healthy and fit during pregnancy but women that barely exercised before should not resort to this option.

Try to reason it out with experts regarding what would be the preferred daily dose of exercise for your body type and past routine. Furthermore, fixate towards a limited time of performing the exercise. For example, start with 30 minutes a day while continuing this 3 to 4 times weekly. Then, as you feel the body getting used to it, fast-pace your routine a bit to include more minutes into your session.



Pregnancy Exercises To Conduct At Home – What Kind Of Exercises Are Safe During Pregnancy?

These exercises aren’t for normal or regular people but pregnant individuals, this is why there are plenty of things to keep in mind before executing an exercise. One of the significant elements within this is the concept of ‘warming up’. Don’t simply start exercising out-of-the-blue without taking the first couple of minutes to warm up. Or else your entire body would be aching. The second to consider is to drink as many fluids as you can.

pregnancy exercises at home

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There is no need to shy away from consuming water. You will be exercising continuously so remaining hydrated during the process is a necessity. Lastly, if you are hiring someone to help you with such exercises, it is important to clarify the weeks you have been pregnant. This is to ensure that they provide you with the time-span for exercises that would suit your body.

Nevertheless, what kind of exercises can be safe during pregnancy? Here are some of the easy-to-do pregnancy exercises that you can perform at home:


The best thing for a pregnant woman is to keep moving around instead of gluing herself to a certain spot. Moreover, to achieve this you can start with the basics, which is ‘walking’. For this, you don’t require any necessary exercising background or a gym teacher. All you have to is take some time out of your day to properly walk around for a good period of time. Currently, this is one of the simplest pregnancy exercises to conduct at home.


Planks can be difficult for a few but the benefits it provides are worth it all. To start, first, place your hands onto the ground and lift your knees. Your hands should perfectly align the wrists under the shoulders. Then, move your leg backward to become straight. So, the hardest part is balancing yourself because the arms lose power easily throughout the exercise. The purpose of this exercise is to improve your core! However, remember to avoid doing this excessively.


You can find various yoga tutorials for pregnant women or people in general, online. However, if you require a trainer without leaving for classes, then calling one at home is always the option. Nevertheless, yoga assists in relaxing and intrigues circulation. It eases your mind out of unnecessary thoughts. Not to mention, you regain a bit of control in your body that can help during the childbirth.


So, during this exercise, be careful of your belly. Before starting, position your belly in front then bend your knees to lower yourself towards the ground. All the while, you need to stand straight; don’t arch or bend your back. To perfectly execute this, be sure to research a bit on what is the easiest way to conduct the exercise; especially through some videos. Moreover, what does it improve? Firstly, it betters your balance and secondly, your hamstrings strengthen.

Exercises To Avoid During Pregnancy?

There are tons of things to keep in mind, and exercises to avoid during pregnancy. This is the most vulnerable time for women so it is significant to be as careful as possible ensuring that the bodies remain healthy. Therefore, there are a couple of exercises that you need to strictly avoid during pregnancy.

It is better to not participate in demanding sports that include gymnastics or basketball. Even though it is obvious but playing such sports can up your body’s temperature. This is because pregnant women already have their body’s temperature a bit above than normal. If the temperature rises unhealthily through extensive exercising then it can endanger the unborn baby.

pregnancy exercises at home

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The second thing to keep in mind is to not participate in sports like kickboxing or judo because again, your body’s temperature can rise dangerously while these sports also result in numerous injuries.

Furthermore, avoid exercising at insane heights. This means, any height above 2000+ meter can be dangerous to perform an exercise at; it becomes difficult to breathe because of the lack of oxygen.

Always remember to confirm your safety while doing anything laborious during pregnancy. Happy exercising!



What do you think? Are there any more pregnancy exercises to conduct at home that we must have missed? Add in your input and share your thoughts!

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