4 Desis Who Can Make Your Life Hell!

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A desi person’s life is the most colorful life one could ever experience. There are a lot of things which make your life amazing, but there are certain…special characters which make your life living hell! And the plot twist? That you usually cannot say anything to them.

1. Colony Aunty

This character is the most fascinating person you will ever meet. There is no particular address for them, you can find her in any colony, and it won’t be a hard task to find her! She can make your life hell with her endless queries, 24/7 muhalla news broadcast, and most importantly, she can also work as private detective for your parents.


2. Multi-talented Chacha

Multi-talented chacha sometimes becomes the most irritating guy on the planet – no matter who you hire for odd jobs – for example, the best interior decorators for your home – you can expect only one line from him, “Array beta itna mehanga kam karwalia, mjhay bata detay adhay paisoon mai hojataa.” He can do anything on this planet, and Superman is his best friend, mind it!

uncle dj

3. News Phuppo

Phuppos are one of the best relatives, but sometimes they behave like a newspaper which only covers her beloved “BETA” as news item number one.

news phuppo

If you ever win an Oscar, be ready to get the invite for Nobel Prize distribution ceremony from your news phuppo. If you get the highest marks, are on seventh heaven and still have to listen to the achievements of your cousin from news-phuppo, kill yourself.

4. Bhulakar Maasi

Remember that great Sunday morning sleep which was ruined by your bhulakar maasi who never turned the fan on after her work and with a devil-like smile on her face, she never stops this torture… Admit it, the first thought that comes to your mind is, “KJHASDJBNAD@7636 WTH is this???”

sweaty sleeping

She comes, puts the fan off, and the rest is history.

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