4 American TV Shows That Seem Ultra Inspired By Starplus

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Are you looking for some good TV shows to binge watch? But you’re not sure which genre of shows to watch and wish you could get everything in one. You know, romance, suspense, thrill, drama, all in one.

Well, I have a really good list of TV shows for you, where you’ll get all genres in one and also won’t miss good old Star Parivaar (please don’t even pretend that you didn’t wait hours for Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu The and Kasauti Zingadi Ki on Star Plus).

Watch these shows full of drama which will help you forget the drama in your life, lol. I have four shows for you and most of them are available on Netflix (very easy to subscribe and easy on the pocket too). These shows are so entertaining that you’ll forget your worries and will be transported to their world. The only drama you will remember will be the one happening on screen.

1. Gossip Girl:

Source: TV Guide

It is a season about high school girls and boys, and the drama they are having in their lives. The mysterious person sending anonymous texts to all of them about their secrets makes it even more interesting. And, not to forget the lavish lives of upper east siders will keep you really busy and will help distract your mind.

2. Desperate Housewives:

Source: Hollywood Life

Although it’s not available on Netflix, it’s definitely worth watching and mentioning. It’s a story of four housewives going through their midlife crisis. Each one of them has a different personality and stories. I bet you will want to move to Wisteria lane with them to watch the drama in their lives while eating that pie Bree makes.

3. Pretty little liars:

Source: flickr.com

Pretty Little Liars is a based on a story about four friends who are bullied by some anonymous A, sending them texts. The hunt to find who A is so dramatic and fun to watch. You will doubt every other character in the season. It’s a good way to distract yourself by diverting your mind from who said what to who is A?

4. Dynasty:

Source; Next Episode

This season is my new discovery. I finished it in a day as there is only one season out for now. It is very close to some star plus drama, not that there is some person who is a Nagin, but the twist and turn of events are very similar but I loved it. It helped me a lot because after watching it all I worried was what will be the next move by Fallon.

Hope you’ll enjoy and will be binge-watching for a few weeks. Happy watching!

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