4 acts of Talal Chaudry that Proves why We need a Naya Pakistan.

1) Talal Chaudry Openly Claiming the Power of Badmashi that PML-N Has. “If we wanted we could have locked them up”


2) Talal Chaudry Didnt Have an Answer except for the Lame blame Game


3) Talal Chaudry couldnt even play his famouse LAME BLAME GAME anymore


4) Talal Chaudry when ended up speechless on Prime Time Programs, expressed his Anger in the Most unacceptable way in front of thousands of Blind PML-N Supporters and Millions of Pakistani watching the Media Coverage..


Please share this with anyone and everyone on Facebook so that the entire nation can know why WE NEED A NAYA PAKISTAN and it is important for us to support the Concept and Vision of Azadi March.. Pakistan Zindabad.

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