4 Activities To Make Eid Even More Exciting For Children!

eid children's activities

Eid is always an occasion that remains unforgettable because of its colorful nature and religious significance. However, children look for entertainment within every event. It is okay if a household celebrates Eid in the same consistent way, but kids would always want fun additions. So, to restore the on-going excitement within the children in the house, you would need to invest a bit more in engaging activities.

Even though these tips would work best for Eid-ul-Fitr but Eid is Eid! Hence, you can use these Eid activities for children even during the celebration of Eid-ul-Adha.



Decorate The House:

This might seem like a hassle but it’s all worth it. Children tend to get pampered during Eid as they receive Eidi and gifts. So, decorating the house would act as an extra effort and spice up the celebration. it is okay if one doesn’t want to put up huge decorations. All you can do is set up signs that mention ‘Eid Mubarak’ with balloons or pictures of animals stuck to the wall.

eid children's activities

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Moreover, another great option is to craft banners with Arabic written in the middle. To make it even more interesting for the kids, ask them to write the words on the charts themselves. This would serve an educational activity as they practice in calligraphy. Try to make sure that the children are involved in the decorations. It would be no use to set it up yourself because the impact wouldn’t last for long. The more involved a child would feel in the decorative process then there’s a higher chance they would enjoy the outcome longer.



Spice Up The Food:

This doesn’t mean to literally spice food up but to entice creativity within the cooking process. A simple barbecue definitely eases up the hunger but that’s for the adults. Children want to see a change in a boring scenario. This is why even if there is food there is a possibility they would get fed up with the whole thing soon. So what should one do in this situation? You can alter the shape of the food to resemble something unique like animals or flowers.

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Moreover, it would be a great idea to leave the regular ways that you grill the meat and change the equipment or material for it. Sometimes families conduct barbecues almost every month so the child can get used to the process. If you’re one of those that barely participate in barbecues and only do so during Eid then you can skip this step.

Regardless, children love to play with their food so making it even more fun for them can help make the tradition even special. However, it is important to ensure that they don’t make a mess! Another thing one can do is try different flavors for the meat. Tangy, sour, or even slightly sweet, the various flavors could diversify the platter and thrill the children. But do confirm if they would like the flavors or else the meat could go to waste.

Make Goodie Bags:

eid children's activities

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This is an old trick but still works considerably well. Not to mention, kids usually love Eid gifts! So, you can buy sweets or candy that the kids in the house tend to like, and pack them in a cute decorative pouch.  Moreover, such bags are available all over the internet and at your local shops but customizing one yourself can be helpful as well; light on the budget too. If you wish to save yourself the time, then there are countless websites online that can develop such bags for you with the candy inside. There is a variety to choose from so the process is super easy.

Have A Costume Party:

eid children's activities

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Another Eid activity for your children would be to constitute a party where all the children get to wear costumes of their favorite superheroes and animated characters. However, they can also dress up in a religious attire as well because it is a religious event. It depends on the family and household which category they would choose for the party. Nevertheless, it would always be better to enforce religion within all of these activities as that would confirm to the real essence of the celebration.



What do you think of the situation? Will you be using any of these tactics to make Eid even more exciting for the children in the house? Share your thoughts.

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