Did You Know These 35 Interesting Facts About Pakistan?

did you know facts about pakistan

Pakistan, the country that has been formed on the face of the map on August 14, 1947, is a blessing for many. The country is replete with the wonders and facts which you probably didn’t know about Pakistan. Moreover, Pakistan is indeed a paradise, which needs recognition.

Thus, here is a list of facts which you need to know about Pakistan.

1: Nuclear country

Pakistan's nuclear test

Source: Wahington Post

Did you know Pakistan is the world’s first Muslim country to have Nuclear power? The country tested its nuclear capabilities on May 28, 1998. Furthermore, the war with India has led both countries into an arm’s race.

2: Irrigation System

sprinkling of lands- part of pakistani irrigation system

Source: Pinterest

Did you know Pakistan has one of the largest irrigation systems across the world? Yes, the largest canal-based system exists in Pakistan. Also, agriculture here is ripe due to a good irrigation system.

3: The K2 Mountain

The mighty K2 mountain

Source: Financial Times

K-2 (Chagori) is the second highest mountain peak in the world. Fortunately, the mountain exists in Pakistan. Additionally, the length of K2 is 8611 meters high, and climbing the mountain is a dream of many.

4: Multi ethnical and religious country

Pakistanis practising their specific religion


Did you know Pakistan has, multiple casts, creeds, races, and people of various religions live together? Religiously, Pakistan has Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Christians and of course the majority of Muslims. Furthermore, the country also has certain races that all living under the banner of Islam.

5: World’s Highest Paved Road

Amazing Karakoram road

Source: World Atlas

The Karakoram Highway, which is a wonder in itself is one of the highest paved roads around the globe. In addition, the road connects Pakistan to its neighbouring country China

6: Population

children of various races holding pakistan's flag

Source: fanpop

Did you know according to census 2017 Pakistan’s estimated population is more than 207,774,520, which makes it the world’s sixth-most-populous country? Also, the population here is diverse.

7: The Name of Pakistan

A mighty Pakistani flag

Source: world atlas

Did you know Chaudhary Rehmat Ali proposed the name of Pakistan? Pakistan literally means “LAND OF PURE”.

8: Nobel Prize

Malala Yusafzai with Noble Peace Prize

Source: news24

There are two Nobel laureates from Pakistan. Malala Yousafzai won the Nobel peace prize in 2014, while Dr. Abdus Salam won it for his work in Physics, in the year in 1979.

9: World Cup football exporters

A man from Sialkot stitching football

Source: Spiegel

The city of  Sialkot is the largest producer of handsewn footballs. Town companies in the city produce around 40 to 60 million footballs per year, along with other sports goods.

10: Nanga Parbat

Nanga Parbat Mountain

Source: Samma

Did you know the mountain, Nanga Parbat, with an altitude of 8124 meters exists in Pakistan? The mountain is also known as the killer mountain owing to several climbing incidents on it.

11: Oldest civilizations

Mehr Ghar civilization

Source: harappa

Pakistan has Mehrgar civilization, one of the oldest civilizations in history that dates back to 6000 B.C. Mehrgarh is the forerunner of the abominable Indus civilization.

12: Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizbeth II

Source: Facebook

Did you know Queen Elizabeth II remained the Queen Of Pakistan until 1956? However, she was denounced later on.

13: Karachi

The wondeful city of Pakitani- Karachi

Source: Brecorder

Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan. It is also called Pakistan’s financial hub with a population of almost 17 million. Besides, it was the first capital of Pakistan. Check out the top ten places to visit in Karachi!

14: Ambulance Network

Edhi Ambulances

Source: Cpec bultein

Did you know Pakistan has the world’s largest ambulance network? The Edhi Foundation operates the network. Moreover, the organization’s founder Abdul Sattar Edhi was mentioned in the Guinness World Records.

15: National drink

Sugar cane juice

Source: style craze

The appetizing Sugarcane juice is the national drink of Pakistan. In the country, it is also known as “Gannah” or “Roh.”

16: National Bird

Chakoor- the national bird

Source: Youtube

Did you know the national bird of Pakistan is “Chakkor” a partridge bird?

17: Fertile dessert

Tharparkar Desert

Source: Faizans world

Favourably, Pakistan has a fertile desert in the Tharparkar desert, which is located in Sindh, Pakistan.

18: Intelligent people

Ali Moen Nawazish With his degrees

Source: Facebook

According to poll results collected from 125 countries by the Institute of European Business Administration, Pakistanis are the fourth-most intelligent people around the world.

19: Khewra Salt Mine

Kehwra salt mines, jhelum punjab

Source: Youlin magazine

The ‘Khewra’ Salt Mine’, located in district Jhelum, Pakistan, is the second largest salt mine across the world.

20: Agrarian Land

A farmer in pakistan is farming

Source: Tech Juice

Out of the entire land area in Pakistan, 26percent area is cultivable. Pakistan has more agriculture than many other large countries, such as Russia.

21: Tarbella Dam

Tarbella dam Pakistan

Source: Wikipedia

The Tarbella Dam is made upon River Indus; it was built in 1968 to 1967. Moreover, Tarbella dam is the largest earth filled dam in the whole world. Moreover, the dam is 2,743.3meters long and 143.27 meters high.

22: Blind Dolphins

Blind Dolphins in Indus river

Source: thethirdpole

Did you know that blind dolphin are found in abundance in the Indus river? It is one of the most imperiled freshwater dolphin species around the world.

23: Youngest Judge ever

Mohammed Ilyas- the youngest judge

Source: the storypedia

Did you know Mohammed Ilyas passed the judge exam when he was 20-years-old? He is said to be the youngest judge in the world.

24: Islamabad

Beautiful Faisal mosque, Islamabad

Source: joys.pk

According to a well-known organization, Islamabad was declared the worlds’ second most beautiful capital.

25: Muslim Population

Muslims praying in Pakistan

Source: gospel herald

Did you know Pakistan is the second largest Muslim country in terms of population? Indonesia stands at number one.

26: Gawadar port

The deep Gawadar Port

Source: maritime executive

Gwadar port is one of the deepest seaports in the world. It is situated on the Southwest of Arabian sea, in Balochistan, Pakistan. Moreover, The port is more than 14 meters deep and covers the area of  64,000 sqm.

27: Lake Saif Ul Maluk

Beautiful, Lake saif ul maluk

Source: daily times

The mysterious lake is located at the Kaghan Valley, Pakistan. Moreover, lake Saiful Muluk is situated at an altitude of 3,224 m (10,579 feet) above the sea level.

28: Makli hill

Makli Graveyard, Sindh

Source: jumia travels

Did you know Makli hill is one of the oldest graveyards in the world? Furthermore, it is one of the biggest necropoleis across the world. As per sources, it was built in 14 century.

29: Cotton

Cotton in Pakistan

Source: daily times

Did you know Pakistan is the fourth largest cotton producing country in the world? Besides, Pakistan comes in the list of top 10 countries in exporting of many other grains.

30: Major industries

Industries of Pakistan

Source: Rs news

Textiles, Cement, Fertilizer, Steel, Sugar, Electric Goods, Sports, Shipbuilding and Surgical equipment are the primary industries of Pakistan.

31: Education

University education in Pakistan

Source: weekly cutting edge

Did you know there are more than 50 universities and 155,100 primary schools in Pakistan? Furthermore, the current literacy rate in Pakistan is 58%.

32: Borders

Pakistan's Borders

Source: geo.tv

The following countries share a border with Pakistan: Afghanistan, China, India, and Iran.

33: Recognition:

Nawaz Sharif and Ayat ullah Khomeni

Source: foreign policy news

Did you know Iran was the first country to recognize Pakistan as a nation-state?

34: Airports

Pakistan's Airports and PIA plane

Source: suryaa

Moreover, as per a report of 2013, Pakistan has around 151 airports.

35: Honours

Newsweek Magzine Depicting Courage of Pakistan

Source: Newsweek

In 2013, the book Lonely Planet titled Pakistan, ‘The Next Big Thing’. Moreover, in 2010 Newsweek Magzine’s front cover showcased Pakistan with a title of “World’s Bravest Nation”.

In conclusion, all these facts sum up and define what Pakistan really is, a country with immense diversity and raw origin. Something not many countries are left with.

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