30 Most Rare and Unseen Old Pictures Of Karachi

Clifton, Karachi, in Early 1900’s

KPT Bridge, in 1935

Empress Market Area , Saddar, in 1942

D.J Science College, Karachi, in 1942-43

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View of  the ‘Bazaar’ in Karachi, 1946

Lyari Market, Karachi

Karachi Gymkhana in 1950’s

Bird’s eye view Victoria Road

Bird’s eye View Saddar Bazaar

Bird’s Eye View of Clifton Area, in 1955

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Clerk Street, Saddar Bazaar

View of PIDC Building

Army Troops Marching Near the PIDC Building

Foreigner Women Enjoying Camel Ride at Karachi Beach

Trams running on Karachi Streets in 1952

Quaid-e-Azam’s Tomb Under Construction

Rare Old Photo of Parsi-family in Karachi in motor car in 1925

R101 Airship Hanger (Under Construction) – Karachi

PIDC Building in 1950s

Metropole Hotel in 1950s

Frere Hall in early 1900’s

Film Village Girl in 1950s

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Benazir Bhutto in 1979

Ahmed Chutti Ahmed Achaar -1950s

Pervez Musharraf’s  School Identity Card of St. Patricks School, Karachi

Foreigner enjoying at Karachi Beach in 1960’s

Ship named Safina-e-Hujjaj, taking Pilgrims to Saudi Arabia

Tennis Court, Karachi Gymkhana

Women having a good time at Karachi Beach

A Musical Band Performing in Karachi, 1974

Writings on the Walls in Karachi, 1960’s

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