3 Simple Ways to Kill the Ill-Timed Hunger

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Are you too one of those who often falls for the beast called hunger, especially the one which occurs at the wrong time? By wrong time, we may mean the time other than breakfast, lunch or dinner and the time when your pocket doesn’t like to help you. No worries.. just go on reading this. You’ll definitely find at least a voice for you.


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Egg… The Super Savior!


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Here is the answer to the unanswered question that who came first, the chicken or the egg. Yes, it wasn’t the egg for if it was, the chicken would not have come out of it because somebody already has had it in a meal. Eggs can be cooked in some ways. You can have it as an omelet, ghotala or gravy. Even a simple boiled or fried egg would be loved by you when bearing the pain of hunger.

Potato… As You Like It!


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It might be the only vegetable which in one way if not liked by someone, will definitely be loved if cooked in another way by the same person. You can have a plate full of fries flavored and topped with ketchup. Other forms are also worth it; tarkaari(of various types), patties, cutlets, boiled potato chat and I have to stop here or I will end up having one of these things.

Bread… Kneaded For You!


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Many of the paratha-eaters don’t like to have bread in the breakfast but it may become a necessary evil when in hunger. French toast to me is the best form of bread. Another form is the buttered bread. But how on earth I forgot the cheese garlic bread?

There has to be an end of everything. I hope that my words might have served you. While killing our ill-timed hunger we must remember the ones who have difficulty feeding their loved ones. We should be thankful to Allah (SWT) who is feeding us before we ask for without any delay.

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