3 Ways Pakistani Parents Can Give Sex-Education to their Children

3 Ways Pakistani Parents Can Give Sex-Education to their Children

Curiosity revolving around sex is natural for human beings. As the biology (and the religion Islam) speaks, the body changes in men and women after a certain age (puberty) derives hormonal and other changes that ignite sexual desires among them.

While sex is a natural aspect of life, the culture obligations in our society have been parents shy away from discussing the aspect with their children. Muslim parents educate their children on how Zinna (pre-marital sex) is forbidden in Islam, but they may never discuss different aspects revolving around the process of intercourse.

Even in Islam, the Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) discussed different aspects, dos and don ts of intercourse with his companions to make sure they are following the right path.

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Given How You May Not Want Your Child to Learn Unlawful and Inappropriate Ways Related to Intercourse, Here’s What You Can Do to Educate them Regarding Sex Education

1. Do Not take Sex As a Dirty Word

Discussing matters regarding sex shouldn’t be forbidden in a household and should also not be taken as a comfortable topic for discussion – a moderate medium of discussion should be. While we educate our children on different aspects of life for the purpose of knowledge, why not educate them on a biological aspect which holds much importance after their marriage?

“Blessed are the women of the Ansar (citizens of Medina). Shyness did not stand in their way of seeking knowledge about the religion” – Prophet Muhammad SAWW.


2. Divide the Duties – Fathers to Educate their Sons and Mothers to Educate their Daughters


Largely depends on the comfort zone established between parents and their children. Given how sex education is considered a taboo in our society and culture, discuss it with your children based on how one would be comfortable to discuss with the same-gender parent.

3. Use Quran and Sunnah to Educate the Children

“The believers are… those who protect their sexual organs except from their spouses… Therefore, whosoever seeks more beyond that [in sexual gratification], then they are the transgressors.” (23:5-6)

If you are too shy to educate the children, use the power and teachings of Quran and Islam. Ask your children to read particular Surahs and Ayyas that discuss the sexual aspects. Give them those readings and allow them to ask you questions if needed.

It is essential to help the children understand different aspects of life and sex education is one of them. Do not let them gain knowledge from sources that may not be beneficial for them.


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