3 Struggles Of Every Newlywed Couple Who Are Waiting For VISA Have Faced

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Love marriage or arranged marriage – it is the joy people cannot explain. Finally after much wait, you tie the knot with your loved one and cannot wait to start a new chapter of your life.

But wait…..literally wait.

You still need to wait to get their or your own VISA to come through.

For those who have been through this phase, this may define your experience:

1. “Larka bahar ka hai!”

The most overrated dialogue of rishte wali aunties or even of relatives who hear the news about someone in circle getting married abroad.. It usually creates envy among many relatives and friends that’s when they decide “Mujhe bhi ab bahar shadi krwani hai apni beti ki”. But what no one tells you is the struggle of that one newly married couple who are now waiting for their visa. Soon after shadi your overseas husband/wife will have to return back to their homeland and you’ll have to wait for your visa (Only God knows HOW LONG!!) and that’s when the depression begins! Wait..Wait..Wait


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2. International Calling Apps Are the Only Mode of Communication

Skype/IMO/Viber aren’t enough. It is so easy for people to say ab to Skype hai and talking has become so easy.. Sure it is easier than it used to be But it is not enough! Think of it this way, you got married, lived with your spouse for 15 days(if you’re lucky enough) and then they had to go back and now you miss them.


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You don’t know anything about them like their nature/mood/likes dislikes etc because at the beginning period of your marriage you were suppose to understand each other but over phone it’s IMPOSSIBLE! Yes Skype is not enough.

3. VISA Agencies Never Help

These Visa forums don’t help at all because you’d see other disappointed people abusing the system and then seeing their timelines and realizing they’ve been in line and been waiting for so long that realization will give you nightmares and more depression and nothing else.



But we are humans and curiosity is in our nature so we eventually end up on visa forums and BAMM! Hello depression. No One Helps!! Trust me your husband will return upset if he goes seeking for help from local MP who’s suppose to help us but they don’t help you and instead ask you to be patient and wait.

Moral of the Story: It is always going to be this hard for waiting applicants but you’ll make it worse by giving people permission to “talk” to you about it because talking about it won’t help in fact it will ruin it further more so keep your feelings to yourself or share them with your spouse and family.. don’t respond to aunties and in response to their question just smile, say “Ap dua krien” and move on!

No one’s going to help you, you are on your own and when INSHALLAH the time will come, well you’ll see that feeling is worth waiting for! but in meantime be prepared!

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