These 3 Pakistanis Drawing 3D Art On the Sands of Baluchistan Is Something You Need to See

Talent has no bounds – it can be found anywhere and when it comes to raw talent, Pakistan is full of it. We have seen talented street artists, waiting for a break to land their way. Because of lack of opportunities, the talented individuals in Pakistan are often ignored, unless they have a very strong backing.

However, through the social media, many have earned the success they fully deserve. There’s one thing though – the talent of individuals speaks louder than anything and sometimes, it never requires a push.

This can be rightly said in the case of the Pakistanis who took the social media by storm!

Zubair Mukhtar, Hasan Zaib and Bahadur Ali from Pasni Balochistan Drew 3D Art on the Sands of the Sea

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This Is Not the Usual Art We See Artists Drawing Over the Sands of the Sea

The brilliance of their talent can be seen on how realistic the 3D drawings look.

It seems as if he is actually sitting next to a bottle!


And Here’s Some More

It Is Like They Are On Top of the Dice!

Check out their Complete Work of Art Here:

Amazing to see such talent in our country and here’s to hoping they get a break one day to showcase their talent on a much better platform.

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