Epic Lessons I Learned From Childhood Games that Changed My Life

3 Epic Lessons I Learned From Childhood Games And They Changed My Life

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I won’t say that everything one needs or wants in life should be learned through the Childhood game ‘Snakes and ladders’ but there are certain good lessons we can actually learn from playing it. What you need is a ‘BRAIN’ & ‘SHEER LUCK’.

Life is actually a visual representation of Snakes and Ladders. Snakes indicate the low and on the other hand, ladders represent the highs in life. It’s a bit like life. Whereas, it’s quite common that when we experience the ladders of success or exhilaration of victory we are prone to make mistakes and to fall apart.

Here are the three lessons I learned after playing it.


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Guys, it’s actually okay to fail and fall apart sometimes. Failure is the next step to success. Whenever a snake takes you down or backward that’s how we can relate it with our lows and woes, screams and slows. Every single individual on earth experiences their super highs and extreme low that’s how life is. We just have to act or respond accordingly with failure. This is the first life rule I learned through it that no matter how many times this evil snake take you down you just have to take control and act back attentively. That how a superhero plays their part.


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It teaches us to stay strong and more focused on our next move. Not to crumple with repeated setbacks. Just like this, we should keep moving, keep trying, keep building the edifice of hope. Trust the universe it’s actually making ways for us. Kill the negativity.

3. Perseverance & Persistence:

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If you have perseverance and persistence, you can continue to do anything or everything even though it is difficult. So keep going one step closer to your goal. Moreover, if you bump into a snake, laugh and keep going that’s how you’ll get to the ladder.

Always look for the bright side in the end, it’s not the winning that matters. From time to time, accepting your failure, keep going with the flow and knowing that highs and lows are a part of life is what matters

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