This Girl Learned 25 Lessons in her 25 Years of Life and It is Indeed Inspiring!

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Writing helps me understand life; every time a thought is triggered or an emotion is evoked, I scribble it down to encapsulate it as a memory and reminder of a lesson learned for future reference. If I have understood life in bits and pieces during my journey of 25 years through my own struggles, then why keep it all to myself?

We tend to forget that we’re all ‘in it’ together when it comes to life’s challenges, may it be dealing with traumas, family, friends, love and even spirituality. So, here are the 25 lessons I learned in 25 years through my experiences and thoughts about life for those who may be wandering in search of answers.

1. You are growing. Blossoming, each day at a time from a bud to great beauty. Let your sunshine come through; keep those close who contribute positively to your struggles, achievements, and joy. Those who hinder your growth; turn away from them to prevent untimely wilting.

2. The key to opening the door leading to Allah is being able to let go of what you love the most if it was coming in the way of you and your Rabb. Once you do that, no person, thing or desire can ever come in between the relationship you built with the almighty.

3. It’s okay to halt, face your feeling, have a good cry about it and let it all out. Only if you get right back up and keep going on with courage.

Source: My Walk With God

4. Let people make claims; then observe them whether or not they validate their words by their actions to uncover their character.

5. Once you walk away from your past, never, look back; you’ll only trip over and get hurt all over again.

6. Don’t be fooled into trading your personality for approval or attention.

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7. It is far better to end a bad relationship than to allow it to take the form of a bad marriage; divorce is more damaging than breakups. Follow your gut feeling, do not settle for what does not feel right.

8. If Dobby the House Elf didn’t let anyone push him around neither should you!

9. Never let your pride provoke destiny to look down upon you; for fate can turn a pauper into a Princess and a Princess into a pauper.

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10. Reality check; humanize yourself. You are not God to judge others.

11. Never be hard on yourself about certain events have occurred in your life. No matter how careful you had been they would have occurred regardless because it is those events which are leading you to where you are meant to be.

12. The instant you think you’re not ‘pretty’ enough is the moment when you have compromised your intellect, ferocity, and personality to wholly be validated by your looks.


13. Any obstacle in life can be battled by the right amount of spirituality, positive energy, and chocolate!

14. Practice tolerance; but never for disrespect.

15. When someone comes to you with their problems don’t reply to them with your troubles; listen to them, be the light they came seeking out.

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16. Love. Love as if your heart was never broken before. But never let it make the same mistakes as I did in the past.

17. There are too many monsters veiled behind attractive faces to be impressed by them; appearance is not the validation of a good soul.

18. Your faith should be bigger than your fear.


19. Everybody has a back story of hurt, struggles, and trauma; just because you’re seeing the brightest days of their lives doesn’t mean there weren’t days of darkness which have been conquered.

20. Never hesitate to share your life’s battles, struggles, and sorrows with those around you. Doing so will allow others to realize that we’re all ‘in it’ together. Join one another’s battles. Share the pain. Combat life together.

21. As much as you with all your will and might want to save your loved ones from making mistakes; you can’t. Advise them on what’s good for them and step back. Their life, their choice.

22. If you aren’t able to see a sparkle in your eye after a tedious day of hustle; then you aren’t driven enough by a passion to fulfill a dream and reach a certain place in life. Re-focus your energy on where it should actually be!

Source: GetReligion

23. If you haven’t prayed Tahajjud for it; you don’t want it enough. However, if you have prayed Tahajjud for it, you’ve already done the ultimate. Now, let your Rabb do the rest.

24. Silence is a roar which has a powerful impact.

25. Your world will crack, crumble and collapse; but that only means that you’re about to rise from the dust, reform and are prepared to shine.

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