Shah Hussain Addresses Media For The First Time And Leaves Everyone Stunned With His Obnoxious Claims

Pakistani social media couldn’t digest the unjust that happened with Khadija Siddiqi in the courts and rightly so, the outrage allowed the nation to the see the corrupt side of our judiciary system.

Khadija Siddiqi, who was stabbed 23-times by Shah Hussain in broad daylight witnessed the tormenting claims of the court while acquitting the culprit. As always – there was victim blaming. Khadija was blamed for her actions in university, such as spending time with a male and female group of friends, making low attempts to character assassinate her while justifying the barbaric attacks of Shah Hussain.

This Was the Case Order Concluded by the High Court for Khadija Siddiqi and Shah Hussain’s Case

There Are Clear Signs Of How Khadija Was Character Assassinated On Trial and There Is Victim Blaming There and Then!

After months of trial, Khadija was denied justice at the High Court but she and her team of lawyers didn’t stop here. The Khadija Siddiqi case was then appealed to the Supreme Court.

On 9th June, Justice Asif Saeed Khosa Approved the Appeal of Khadija’s Case

On Taking the Case to Supreme Court, Shah Hussain Finally Came Forward to Speak for Himself

Given at any chance, Shah Hussain denied speaking to the media before the verdict of High Court came out. With the backing of the verdict, the man behind stabbing Khadija finally came out to share his “sob” story.

Standing with his chest puffed with the backing of his influential father, Shah Hussain shamelessly uttered disgraceful remarks regarding Khadija Siddiqi. He mentioned that it was Khadija who wrote letters to him, begging him to marry her and when he denied the proposal, Khadija’s family faked the incident.

Shah Hussain kept reminding the media that he is a proud son of his influential lawyer father and pretty soon he will be practicing in the bar as well. In addition to all the shameless things he was uttering in front of media, he added how Khadija is playing the feminism card and cashing her story without any proof.

He also added how once the High Court acquits someone, the Supreme Court cannot retract it and that they are all doing this to get some attention. Shah Hussain pledged the media to hear his side of the story as well and continued denying all the claims that were made against him.

Here’s the Full Video:

There is a time in the video where Shah Hussain says, “Shame, shame, shame” which we wish he applies to himself as well for the lies he is speaking.

May Pakistan witness a revolutionary moment when Khadija Siddiqi finally gets the justice she deserves.

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