Hassaan Niazi Is Helping 22-Year-Old Nayyab In Seeking Justice After Her Step Brothers Murdered Her Whole Family!

Currently, the world is caught up in different social and economic issues. Very often, we hear terrible life stories of different people and can’t even believe it to be true. Witnessing the worst case scenario a human can be in, killing other living being and finding satisfaction in all the chaotic mannerism, where are we even headed? Why has one human become the biggest threat to another human? It is really heartbreaking to see this world collapsing with every passing minute.

Why is Pakistan caught in tight shackles of unlawfulness?

Pakistan has been caught in the socio-economic issues for a long time now. The remote rural areas of the country have always been in the hands of feudal lords and with time, the shackles have become so strong that even the government level has also surrendered in front of it. They have their own judiciary system and hold accountable to anyone they want to.

Recently, another case from Larkana surfaced the internet and it is terrible. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s nephew, Hassaan Niazi posted a video on his official Twitter handle yesterday and Pakistanis are in severe shock. In the video, he can be seen with a girl who is seeking justice for her family members but is getting no influential response from the government institutions.

Here’s the video that Hassaan Niazi posted on his Twitter. Listen to the whole matter!

Story of the girl who is running from her own family!

22-years-old Nayyab Umrani belongs to Interior Sindh area of Pakistan and is currently living in Islamabad to keep her safe from her stepbrothers. According to Nayyab, it all started when her father married a lady of Punjabi descent. Nayyab’s father did four marriages and she is the daughter of the fourth wife, Punjabi. Her stepbrothers wanted all of the father’s property and Nayyab’s mother served as a threat to them. Nayyab’s mother was then killed by her stepbrothers when she was just 6-months-old.

After some time, Nayyab’s brother who was in 5th grade at that time was given a heavy drug dose because of which he became disabled for life. Later, her other brother and his wife were also murdered and it didn’t end here. Last year, when Nayyab and her sister gathered courage and filed an application of their brother’s murder, as they reached home from the court, Nayyab’s stepbrothers brutally murdered her sister too o the entrance gate of her house.

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Somehow, Nayyab saved herself and reached Islamabad. Since then, she has knocked many doors of government organizations and several courts but no one is paying any heed. Now, she is appealing to the Federal Minister of Human Rights, Shireen Mazari to help her out and provide her security. Nayyab’s case is lodged in Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) Larkana and she wants her case to be transferred to Islamabad Court as she is the only prime witness left.

These type of cases should end now and strict laws must be implemented the rural areas too. No matter how strong the culprit’s background is, a culprit should be dealt with as a culprit. The government should look into the matter and provide security to Nayyab. The murderers should be hanged and justice must prevail.

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