22 Hilarious Moments You Experience When You Grow Up In Pakistan

You know you’re Desi when . . .

1. Tareef Sirf Phone Pey

2. Taking Off The Wrapping Paper

3. Leaving The Lights On Because . . .

4. Your Tissue Box

 5. ‘Only For Guests’ Crockery

6. Your T-shirt – Ghar Ka Pocha

7. There Is Elaichi In Biryani

8. Theli Mein Theli Mein Theli

9. The Never Ending Good Byes

10. And The Never Ending Shampoos

11. Your Khalas/Mamoos Protect You

When Your Mom’s like

But your khala’s like

12. You Can’t Lock The Room

13. Awkward Kissing Scene During Family TV Time

14. Surma In Every Babys Eyes

15. The Irony When Your Parents Say Things Like

16. You Tend To Slap The Gadgets When They Don’t Work

17. Your Family Shares The AC Remote

18. When You Dress Up You Get Asked . . .

19. Your Family Is An Expert At Recycling

20. You Make Your Own Cricket Rules

21. Your Mom Is A Long Term Planner

22. The Way You Explain Your Address

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