20 Mistakes Every Human Makes At Least Once! This Is So True, That It Is Not Even Funny!



This may just be a bucket list you did not plan on having but let it be one which teaches you all the right things in wrong ways.

1. Take a job you which is not of your dreams which puts you through the test of times till you figure who will listen to your rants.

2. Share you personal content on social media and look back at it to cringe till you possibly cannot breathe.

3. Cut your hair yourself and then look right in the mirror.

4. Staying up all night and then fighting death at work.

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5. Try bizarre crash diets which fool you into believing that missing out on Pizza is worth it.

6. Go to a new city without your phone to get lost and then figure your way out.

7.  Plan your entire world around someone you have a crush on to find that they are taken, later.

8. Take gazillion selfies which make you look good and post them on social media to seek appreciation, simultaneously stumble on tagged pictures which show the different you.

9. Dress to kill for someone you are crushing on and show up at the party they decide not to come to.

10. Spends hours on re runs of TV show marathons to count the time wasted.

11. Sell your entire wardrobe on OLX and spend the rest of your life finding that twin dress.

12. Break a heart and then lose your sleep.

13.  Get caught while pretending you know it all about something just to impress someone and then jump off the next cliff you see.

14. Hate on someone without a reason, declaring that person the worst ever in front of you friends. When something bad happens in their life to tell you they are just another human, acknowledge the devil in you before telling yourself it was Karma.

15. Try to learn cooking while you fail miserably at it.

16. Text someone 20 times in a row and then realize what you did to turn into ashes right there.

17. Do something you have been afraid to do just because that daredevil in you cannot resist, to decide that you will never do it again.

18. Memorize that person’s phone number whom you will never have the guts of calling.

19. Live with a stranger to have lots of stories to tell your grand kids.

20. The self assumption that you will stop making mistakes once you are 30.  

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