20 untold Facts of Friends You Need To Know on its 20th Anniversary

As the Friends approached its 20th anniversary this year in October, it continues to be the part of its old fans lives who watched the first episode when it aired on 22nd September 1994 and continue to watch it till date, even after it aired the last episode 10 years ago on 5th November 2004. That’s the kind of impact Friends had in people’s lives. I was four years old when the first episode released but I still watch it and find it relevant two decades later. Friends is an important part of my daily life and It has been 10 years since I watched it first, and there seems to be no stopping to it since then. You feel like you are the 7th one living with 6 legendary people in that Monica’s apartment.  There are many people like me who still follow the show religiously. They all want friends to re-unite and start all over gain but that seems to be a dream. I miss the friends song ‘I will be there for you’ played in the beginning of every episode. It leaves me nostalgic every time I end up watching the 10th season though I have done it many times. Well, while we all can cherish the Friends and those beautiful times and hope for friends reunion, I have gathered 20 fun facts on the occasion of 20th anniversary of Friends that you were not too close friends with Friends’ to know. Here, they go!

1. The frame hanging on Monica’s apartment door was not a frame as it seemed. It was a MIRROR that broke during the filming of one of the beginning episode. Producer liked  the way it looked and kept it hanging for all the seasons.


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2.Friends was far from being named Friends. Producers considered names for the show such as Insomnia Cafe, Friends Like Us, and Six of One. It was not until they hired the cast and realized that the name ‘Friends’ looked better.


3. You remember the Phoeby being pregnant? Well, it was not put by the producers. Phoeby was actually pregnant in real life and the Friends’ story was molded according to her pregnancy.


4. David Schwimmer was the first of the six actors to be cast. The reason was that the role of Ross was primarily written by keeping David Schwimmer in mind.


5. On first reading the script, Lisa Kudron thought the Chandler was a gay. And amazingly, it was also discussed in one of the Friends episode when all Friends troll the Chandler.


 6. Do you know that the Joey and Chandler’s white dog belonged to whom in real life? Well, it was none other than Jennifer Anniston who decided to gift dog to Joey and Chandler in Freiends.


7. Joey’s invention ‘How you Doing?’ became the 4th highest rated catchphrase in any Television Show.


8. In the episode ‘The One after Las Vegas’, we witnessed ‘Arquette’ at the end of the names in credits, we wondered what it supposed to mean. Well, it was done in honor of Courtey Cox Marrying to David Arquette and whole team of Friends decided to attach Arquette with their names.


9. Phoeby (Lisa Kudron) was actually sacred of the Ducks.


10. The script of first episode after 9/11 was changed as it comprised of a bomb joke. The ratings of the Friends increased by 20% as the nation was engulfed in depression and wanted to relax.


11. Matt Le Blanc was losing the color of his hair as they turned grey so he had to dye hi hair before shooting of every episode.

matt leblanc

12. Rachel’s hairstyle became most popular hairstyle as girls would ask for ‘Rachel’s cut’ at the salon. But, it’s amazing to know Rachel hated it through the 10 years of filming Friends.


13. Friend became the America’s show with the highest ratings as 52.5 million people switched on their television to watch the last legendary episode of Friends.

last episode

14. Monica and Phoeby were the only pair to not have kissed each other. However, other friends had kissed each other at some point in time.

mon and fib

15. James Michael Tyler (Gunther) was given the role because he was the only one to know how to operate coffee machine


16. We saw most of the times the Friends having Coffee at the Central Perk and it often seemed they were pretending. But, the fact is Friends were actually having Coffee while filming the scenes.


17. The Friends Cast did a ‘Group Hug’ before preparing for episode shooting.


18. The number on the doors of Monica and Joey’s apartment were changed from 4 and 5 to 19 and 20. It was done because the lower numbers didn’t represent the high rise building apartments as it seemed pretty unrealistic.

apartment no

19. The Friends cast had an agreement, if one leaves, they all leave. They were true Friends in real life.


20. In the Friends’ last episode it was mentioned that all six Friends have lived at Monica’s apartment, and, all of Six Friends have also lived at Joey’s apartment at one point in time.


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