2 Habits You Need To Build-It’s Time To Change Your Priority

In this generation, people are so much busy in our daily hectic life especially working people and our youth. Everyone is busy in their working cave, where they are trying to build something for themselves and achieve success.

For entertainment, Netflix, mobile phones, and tech gadgets made life much entertaining. These things not only harming our body mentally but also installing bad habits that are injurious to our health.

What if instead of wasting time on mobile and TV should start building new habits such as reading and writing? These are two habits that can surely change your life and bring positivity.


One of the main ingredients in building a writing habit is “reading”. Reading is something that if once you get obsessed with it then he is the best thing you are having in your life.

Everyone asks what is the benefit of reading novels especially fictional etc. it’s not about fictional or non-fictional novels, it’s totally about reading.

Many people can’t read big wide novels its okay, try to read comics or the best thing to do start reading newspapers. The most important benefit of reading is that you will get to learn lots of new words, you will see how sentences are being made.

Reading is the thing you never know when you get addicted to it. It will also help them in schools as well, because as you are having a reading habit, then in the paper you can write more efficiently by using different words and will make appropriate sentences.

Even kids are also confused that what sort of book we should read and something like that so here are also some classic books you should start

  1.  Dostoevsky Fyodor
Source: Penguin

2.  Charles Dickens

Source: Scholaristic

3.  Haruki Murakami

Source: Japan Web

4. F. Scott Fitzgerald

Source: Amazon

5.  Oscar Wilde

Source: Google

You can also build your reading habit in 5 effective ways, that will help you to stick to it and boost your reading.


Source: Pinterest

After building some sort of reading habit, although it will take some time to get addicted to it. Many of the people stop in between because they start finding it boring or don’t focus properly. Reading takes time and patience that all matters.

Apart from reading another habit, which is one of the most important habits that every person should adopt and it is “Writing.”

Writing is the most beautiful thing to do, people do write only for exams, but it’s the only thing that sticks to us throughout the whole life, and still, most people take it for grant it.

Writing will not only help you personally but professionally too. There are very few people out there, who are keen on writing and write for themselves as well.

Writing has always been the best habit among others, it lets you express yourself, helps you in taking out all of your issues on paper, and keeps you calm.

Whether you commit two pages a week or twenty-five, make sure you get your pages done.  It’s hard to maintain such a routine and go on with it. Dont write for hours, take out little time out of your schedule and write it.

Because once you make excuse and neglect it then it will go on.


Writing can make you think differently not as other users think. For students make writing in a fun way, it’s hard for students to make it part of their busy life but make it in a fun way.

The reason for saying fun way because students will lose motivation its one thing to try to be “disciplined” but in the end, it’s the motivation that matters. You can’t force motivation.

So find a way to make it fun, either by playing some great music while you write, or having a cup of tea or coffee while you do it, or writing with tools you love.

It’s high time to leave bad friends and make a best friend “Writing”.

Both writing and reading habits don’t only affect your personality, but also the people around you. People take it very lightly, but if you look at every highly influential, successful person they do have these habits installed in themselves and also passing on to their kids as well.

It does not eliminate the entertainment from your life, which would sound stupid, but having healthy, positive habits won’t harm at all and that’s what life is all about.

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