The Way Imran Khan And Bushra Maneka Entered Baba Fareed’s Mazaar Is Raising Many Eyebrows

The general elections are around the corner and politicians are gearing up to attract voters from their respective constituencies. The politicians are meeting with their followers and making promises on how they will be the change this country needs.

This political year brings another ray of hope for Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf, a party looking to place themselves this year in the Prime Minister’s seat. Imran Khan is ready to set foot in the battlefield and has done all that it takes to impress the locals.

A few days ago, Imran Khan also went to perform Umrah with his wife Bushra Maneka. The news was all over the local social media as well. In addition to his religious activities, shedding light on how he is praying for the locals to give him an opportunity, Imran Khan did not limit himself to performing Umrah only.

Alongside the Wife, Imran Khan Visited the Baba Fareed Mazaar

There was a cluster of media outside the Mazaar, capturing every movement of the visit. When Bushra Bibi and Imran Khan entered the Mazaar, they were down on their knees, which makes a lot of people wonder that the two bowed to the entrance for a shrine, which is regarded as shirk in Islam.

Here’s the video:

Some People Believe That they Just Bowed Down to Kiss the Entrance, Which Is Not the Wrong Thing to Do When Entering a Religious Outlet

That is being said how Imran Khan quickly got up once he got down on his knees:

The Confusion Has Caused An Outrage On Social Media With Many Believing that Khan Was Bowing Down to the Shrine

A few weeks before the elections, this definitely doesn’t play right for Imran Khan

And you are being corrected here, sir!

This Makes Sense


Jokes Aside, This Needs to Be Preached


While people debate on whether this was a Sajda or a kiss on the ground, how Islam calls religious activities the personal matter between Allah and His follower needs to be accounted her for.

However, for Imran Khan and his position in the upcoming elections, this will be played negatively by the opposition parties and their followers.

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