£.190 million: Imran Khan granted bail by IHC

£.190 million Imran Khan granted bail by IHC

Islamabad High Court (IHC) announced the bail of former prime minister Imran Khan in a ‘£190 million settlement’ case. The judgment was announced today by IHC’s Chief Justice Aamer Farooq and Justice Tariq Mehmood Jahangir. IHC has ordered Imran Khan to pay a Rs.10 lakh fine.

The judgment came today after the completion of the argument by the NAB prosecutor. NAB had inducted a former prime minister in the ‘Rs. 190 million settlement case.

What is the £190 settlement case?

In the latter half of 2020, the Imran-led PTI government had been in contact with the UK’s crime agency NCA. The NCA had acquitted a prominent Pakistani tycoon in property cases.

Imran Khan had kept his quiet and settled with the Pakistani tycoon. Imran Khan, his wife Bushra, her friend Farah, Zulfi Bukhari, and others were involved. 

Imran and others received undue favors from the tycoon. Imran, in the form of an indirect trade via Zulfi Bukhari, a close ally of Imran. 

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Imran had acquired land, as an undue benefit, in the form of 458 canals of land at Mouza Bakral, Sohawa.

The land acquired was in the name of Al-Qadir University Trust. Imran, Bushra, Farah, and Zulfi are the trustees. 

Imran kept quiet on the whole settlement while having silent approval from the cabinet. Simultaneously, the tycoon had to pay his fine to the Supreme Court 2 months later.

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After Imran’s ousting from the government, numerous cases were brought forward. NAB was directed to act in the tycoon case.

NAB has followed the case consistently since Imran’s arrest in April 2023.

Imran Khan won’t be coming out soon as he still faces charges in the cipher and illegal marriage case. 

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