17 Pakistanis Living Their Bollywood Dream, All Thanks To Photoshop

And The Pakistani Photoshoppers Strike Again…

1. Upclose And Personal With My Bae


2. When She Is Sad, I Am Sad…

Photoshop-Pakistan (19)

3. Just Chillin’ With Bebo At An Award Ceremony!

Photoshop-Pakistan (18)

4. Girls, They Find Me Totally Irresistible, Especially This One!

Photoshop-Pakistan (17)

5. Just Can’t Keep My Eyes Off Them… Umm, I Mean, Her!

Photoshop-Pakistan (16)

6. My Shweet Bebo Loves My Stayle (Style)!

Photoshop-Pakistan (15)

7. Deeps and I, After The Counselling Session!

Photoshop-Pakistan (13)

8. Ishq-o-Junoon Jab Had Se Guzar Jaey…

Photoshop-Pakistan (11)

9. Follow Me, My Lady!

Photoshop-Pakistan (10)

10. These Babes, They Just Can’t Resist Loving Me!

Photoshop-Pakistan (9)

11. I Was Depressed, But Then Bebo Came To My Place…

Photoshop-Pakistan (8)

12. When I Gave Her My Heart By The Beach…

Photoshop-Pakistan (6)

13. This Hottie Was Totally Checking Me Out, Dude!

Photoshop-Pakistan (5)

14. Just Because Aliya Insisted To Have A Picture With Me…

Photoshop-Pakistan (4)

15. Enna Rascala! Whatchya Lookin’ At?

Photoshop-Pakistan (3)

16. Just Look At Her, She Wants To Kiss Me So Bad!

Photoshop-Pakistan (2)

17. It’s Not Like I Wanna Brag About It, But That’s Right, Baby! She Is My Deewani!

Photoshop-Pakistan (1)

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