17 Epic Things Desis Are Known For!

1. Slapping The Crap Out Of Your TV Remote Just Because It Was Not Working


Source: Buzzfeed

2. Looking Busy and Doing Nothing…


Source: Pakistanimemes

3. Given A Death Glare By Mom To Behave Properly Infront Of Rishtedar

Desi-parhlo (12)

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4. Must Have Been Through This Or Did This…

Desi-parhlo (13)

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5. Honking At Other Cars Like A Maniac

Desi-parhlo (11)

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6. Asking Your Friends To Help You With Fights (Phadda)

Desi-parhlo (10)

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7. Facing This Issue On Eid/ Whenever Someone Comes From Abroad

Desi-parhlo (9)

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8. Scaring The Shit Out Of Your Brother, Husband, Son, etc.,

With Your Driving Skills!

Desi-parhlo (8)

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9. Only Career Choices You Are Ever Given…

Desi-parhlo (7)

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10. Taking Pictures Like This…


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11. Your Mother Can’t Talk To An Aunty For Less Than Half an Hour (Min)

Desi-parhlo (6)

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12. The Women In Your Family Are Like This…


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13. You Have Been Proposed To Or Proposed

Someone In The Cheesiest Way!

Desi-parhlo (4)

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14. Experienced Aunties Staring At You Randomly At Parties

Desi-parhlo (3)

15. If This Is Not How A Toothpaste Tube Looks Like

In Your Washroom You Are Not A Desi!


Source: Pakistanimemes

16. Been Turned Down By Your Mother Whenever You Make A Request When She Is Just Not In The Mood

Desi-parhlo (2)Desi-parhlo (1)

Source: Buzzfeed

17. The Aunties In Your Social Circle…

Desi-parhlo (1)

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