PUBG Addiction Takes Another Life, 16-Year-Old Boy Dies Of Heart Attack


Analyzing the technological advancements and the fast-pacing world, sometimes it becomes necessary to take a long pause. Apparently, in this gaming era plus the lockdown, the youth is all busy with the famous PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

Since its launch and rapid growth, the game has been serving as a death sentence to many young boys/girls around the world. Some time back, the mental health of a kid from Karachi, Pakistan was destroyed after playing too much PUBG. Whereas, this time, it’s a young Indian boy who lost his life to a cardiac arrest while playing the game for hours on his phone.

PUBG takes another young life

Such cases make rounds on social media every now and then from different parts of the world but no one to stop it, completely. As per the latest reports, the 16-year-old boy named Satish Kumar was a resident of Erode City in Tamil Nadu, India. Kumar was a 12th-grade student who was obsessed with the online game PUBG and would play every day.

Boy Dies Heart Attack Playing PUBG

Source: Times of India

Earlier this week, Satish Kumar, as always, returned from school, had lunch, and started playing his favorite game. After playing for six hours straight, without any break, the 16-year-old suddenly started screaming for help. Troubled and in pain, Kumar eventually, collapsed and fell down on the room floor. He was then immediately rushed to the nearest hospital.

Dead on arrival

In spite of providing instant medical assistance, Satish Kumar was declared ‘dead on arrival’ by the doctors. On the matter, a cardiologist then examined the dead body to know the cause of the sudden death. Further, he said the boy reached late to the hospital and that they did their level best but couldn’t save him.

Boy Dies Heart Attack Playing PUBG

Source: The Indian Express

Speaking of the online game PUBG, the cardiologist warned the children to stay away from the game as much as possible. Moreover, he revealed that playing PUBG can lead to sheer excitement which can result in heart failure. Playing the game for hours is never a classic idea as it can even result in sudden death and there are many such examples.

Because of such brutal cases, Pakistani authorities often decide to ban PUBG but nothing gets imposed in actual. Earlier this week also, Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) was ready to decide over banning PUBG in Pakistan. Hopefully, the concerned authorities will take the matter seriously this time and save many other children obsessed with the game.

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