16 Struggles Only Tall People Will Understand

16 Struggles Only Tall People Will Understand

Yes, sometimes it is definitely cool being tall, but in a country where the average height of the entire population is 5 foot 5 inches it can sometimes be a gigantic struggle being a tall guy or girl. Here are some of the reasons why….

1. Some Important Things Are Not Built For People Your size


2. It’s Quite A Pain Trying To Get Around

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3. Your Feet Are Always Cold


4. You will Have To Bend Down To Talk To People Even If You Don’t Want To

Sometimes those people are assholes…

zia ul haq

5. Buying Clothes That Fit Is Near Impossible

6. If You Are A Girl No One Shorter Than You Will Ever Marry You


7. People Tend To Believe You Are Malnourished

Even though it’s just your body type


8. Everyone Hates You At The Movies


 9. People Automatically Assume You Are Good At Basketball

Even though you may just suck like the rest of them


10. You May be Used To Keep The Tent Up At A shadi

11. People Believe It Is Your Obligation To Get Things Off Shelves For Them


12. Taking A Selfie Is Not As Easy As You Think


14. Leg Room Dose Not Even Exist For You


15. You Can’t Even Hug Your Loved Ones


16. Finally You Are Sick And Tired Of Hearing This Bloody Question


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