This Man Was Watching Porn Movies In The Bus To Harass The Women Sitting Behind Him

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Before Ramzan, I was traveling from Rawalpindi to Faisalabad via Bilal Travels. I got the window seat in the front & with me on the aisle seat, a man of age 28+ was sitting. At 4 pm, the bus started the journey and all was going fine.

Around 6 pm, we had a stay on the motorway for 15 minutes and continued our journey to Faisalabad. After that everyone was busy on their cell phones as free WiFi is always available on the bus. Some passengers were sleeping while the man sitting with me started watching porn in his cellphone. I didn’t notice at all as I was busy in watching the movie.

Source: Deccan Herald

The man sitting next to me was not watching porn himself rather he was trying to show the porn to the ladies sitting on the seats behind us on the other side. The lady after getting done with her Maghrib prayers came in front of the man sitting next to me and slapped him. The whole bus was in shock that what has happened. I removed my hands-free and the lady was slapping & insulting the man.

Lady kept on saying “Faisalabad pohanch lene do tumhain Police ky hawalay krwatay hain.” The man was continuously saying sorry to women and they literally not accepted it and were insulting him. The man said ” Behan mein manta hun mein ny ghalti ki hai maaf kardein” but ladies replied with anger and said, “Faisalabad anay do.”

After half an hour we reached the Allied Morr stop as it is the first station of Bilal Travels. The man got up with his bag and escaped the bus, the lady got up and told the driver to catch him but the man had run away.

The point of telling this whole story is that we are losing our moral values and are getting addicted to porn. From elders to younger ones we all should keep in mind that it is prohibited in Islam.

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