Pak Vitae & NBP collaborates with Hashoo Foundation & Asifa-Irfan Foundation to provide 150 million liters of clean drinking water to Flood-affectees

150 million liters of clean drinking water to Flood-affectees

Heavy flooding has affected 30 million people in Pakistan to date, destroying & damaging more than 320,000 houses. Since June, the death toll has reached over 1,000 people and caused more than $10 billion worth of damage. Sindh and Baluchistan are the two most affected provinces in terms of human and infrastructural impact.

In this time of crisis, PakVitae and NBP, in collaboration with Hashoo Foundation and Asifa-Irfan Foundation are stepping up its efforts to support flood affectees with 15,000 nanoscale water treatment devices, offering over 150 Million litres of clean drinking water, while saving huge logistics cost of transporting bottled water. These devices are very easy to use and can make any available water source ready for consumption.

PakVitae has certifications of quality from NUST, SGS & PCRWR for its water purifiers. The company is doing its best to provide extensive relief and rehabilitation to flood victims by providing these clever eco-friendly devices which can last for 2 years. Each device purifies 10,000 liters of water, saves up to 2 tons of CO2 emissions and around 400kg of plastic waste. Its a Long-Lasting Product. As the Foods & Other Relief Activities will finish in some days But this Product is Worth it Solution for Long term.

So let’s join hands with PakVitae and NBP to donate generously and help the ones devastated by this natural catastrophe!

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