Rs.150 Main Weekend Sorted!

150 Main Weekend Sorted

Shocked after reading the title? Well, then here’s the big news. McDonald’s has recently announced that it is making 2 deals live on 13th March exclusively for its Sea View branch Karachi, Defence Y Block branch Lahore, and F9 Park branch Islamabad! The deal says, Rs. 150 main weekend sorted.

Our weekend is apparently all sorted now with this pocket-friendly deal be it a yummy breakfast or tempting lunch and dinner. Also, if you have some due treats then this Saturday is the right day LOL.?

So, if you are in any of the 3 cities right now then get ready to make the most of these one-time offers this 13th and get your hands on McDonald’s App as these deals are only valid via McDelivery.

As per McDonald’s social media platforms, these deals will be live from 6 am this Saturday. The 1st deal of Chicken Muffin with Tea will be available for breakfast hours from 6 am to 11 am whereas the 2nd deal of McChicken with a regular drink will be available from 11 am to 6 am.

We are lovin’ it, are you?

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