15 Things People Do In Public That Are Downright Annoying

It was a lovely day and then. Bam!! Deep down, you know that the annoying things people do, don’t really matter too much for spoiling your day. Some things are even harmless. But you still just can’t help it! You know they are not really the worst kinds of people – that title is reserved for murderers, terrorists, and Hitler, they are actually beyond the limits. When they pinch you with their uncontrollable annoying habits, you wish “ye dharti phat kyun na gai, ma isme sama jata”.

In no particular order, here we have some common annoying things Pakistani people love to do in public.

1. Men “Touching” Themselves While Gaping At Women

This is ACTUALLY the weirdest!


Source: Crunchyroll

2. Picking Their Noses, Like Its Narnia And They’ll Find Treasure

I wish they could keep their most infuriating traits to themselves behind closed doors!


Source: Reddit

3. They Walk So Closely, That If You Stop You’re Bound To Be Chest-To-Back With The Person Behind You

And then they pass on a sly smile. *censor*


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4. They Chew So Loudly, It’s Like They Want The Whole World To Know They’re Eating

They roll their eyes too when they eat like their teeth are connected with eyeballs!


Source: Tumblr

5. Bargaining, Because 10 Rupay Kam Hone Se Woh Bohat Ameer Hojaenge

But the aunties keep saying, “Meri behen to itne me le ker he gae the, mujhe bhi itne me he do”


Source: Tumblr

6. Swear On The Top Of Their Voices

With their laal laal lips!


Source: ViralStories

7. Men Trying To Cop A Feel



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8. Pee On The Side Of The Road

The real daredevils!


9. Beggars Getting Physically Attached To You And Follow You Halfway Through The Bazaar

And they hit the right target you with an easy dua, “Allah tujhe chaand sa dulha de”


Source: forums.theknot.com

10. Aunties And Their Overgrown Handbags, You’re Bound To Get Bruised

Oh beta! Lagi tou nahen?


Source: Maggie En Mass

11. Couples With Their PDA And R-Rated Conversations

These Jan and Janus are the centers of attention all the time. *giggles*


Source: BuzzFeed

12. 7568340738 Waiters Attack You With Their Menus At The Same Time

They keep chanting. Tikka, Malai Boti, Zinger, Roll Paratha, Biryani or Baji Haleem bhi hai…


Source: Bollywoodlife.com

13. Aunties Rishta Hunting Cause What Better Place To Do It Than A Bazaar/Mall/Market Area

And ask for your complete bio-data and CV and ID Card


Source: Devs Costumes

14. People Trying To Cut Lines Like It’s Their Baap Ka Haq


Source: Real Cool Gifs


15. Spitting Saliva And Paan Ki Peek


Source: Tumblr

Without being regretful of damaging the wall paint of Rs. 15,OOO with Rs. 15’s paan

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