15 Hilarious Pakistani Tweeps You Should Definitely Follow To Fill Your Timeline With Never Ending Jokes!

15 Hilarious Pakistani Tweeps You Should Definitely Follow To Fill Your Timeline With Never Ending Jokes!

Pakistani people are blessed with a lot of things and humor is one of them. This post is about funny, sarcastic, and hilarious Twitter people who bless your timelines and Facebook feeds with their amazing humor. And they are those who you should definitely follow. Below is the list of some of the best Pakistani Twitter users. (in no specific order)

Let’s start.

1. Qasim Zaidi (@QasimZaidi_ )

Qasim Zaidi, you should follow him for his puns. His brilliant creativity and talent to make a pun/joke out of everything and anything at all.

2. Shabbir Kazmi (@HaayeShabbir )

Probably one of the funniest guys on Twitter. You must follow him if you are having a bad day and need a good laugh.

Must stop laughing so much.

3. Ahmed Khawaja (@azkhawaja1 )

This man will keep you entertained with his tweets during a cricket or a football match with his hilarious spontaneous jokes.

When Pique tweeted “Y ahora qué?” matlab saanu waqai nai pata.

4. Sarkhail Khan (@Sarkhail7Khan )

He will tweet videos that’ll making you laugh out loud. He recreated the Karachi Snapchat Story and if this thread doesn’t make your day, nothing will.

5. Saniya (@Saniyazing )

Funny, witty, sarcastic, pretty.

6. Zohwa (@NurKhairDe )

Don’t ask questions. Just follow her.

7. Qasim Farooq (@JihadiOnline)

Genuinely funny. His NFAK jokes thread is greatest of all.

8. Noor (@ElfNur_3 )

When she is not busy being funny, she is busy being the talented artist she is.

9. Saad (@chimgadar)

You’ll regret not following this guy.

10. Osama (@ashaqeens)

His bio says rarely funny mostly offensive. But it’s the other way round.

11. Shumail. (@Shumyl)

If you think you haven’t made any good decision lately, follow him.

12. Na-Maloom Afraad (@namaloomafraaad)

Sometimes deep, sometimes funny.

13. Abdul Ahad Jawaid (@abdulahadjawaid)

Mad photoshopping skills to give you the best memes on the internet that make it to 9GAG as well. Who do you think gave you this Amir Liaqat meme?

14. Azmar Khattak (@AzmarKhan)

General Raheel Sharif said “Give me a wifi device and 10 Azmar Khan Khattaks, and I’ll win you the war against India”. Azmar, sometimes offensive but mostly very offensive. If you want to see him roast Indians and Bangladeshis and Afghanis, follow him.


15. Hassan (@Jerrienius )

Last but not the least. One of the most hilarious tweeps you will see on Pakistani twitter.

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